Okay, I was in a hurry, talking on the phone and obviously not paying close attention when I went to the hardware store on Saturday to buy the marking paint. The law states the area must be marked in white for the utilities mark out if you can’t give the dimensions from the street or the house. As I already said, the paint didn’t work too well in the pouring rain.

I went to mark out the space today–still no good. Why? It was CLEAR MARKING PAINT. Isn’t that kind of like girlie man?


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One Response to #10–Oxymoron

  1. debinca says:

    Oh I LOVE that story about the clear paint.
    Reminds me of the first time I went to buy plant flags and spent 10 minutes deciding on the color. The guy in the hardware store thought I was a nut………. no just a woman. LOL

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