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My Friend Flickr

I’ve been updating and redesigning the 2009 edition of my design portfolio. I needed to edit some images beyond the abilities of my very basic photo editor and I have absolutely no patience when it comes to photo programs. I … Read more

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My Last Minute List–Any Gardener Would Want These

My father loved Christmas, he believed in Virginia’s Santa. When I was small he created magical surprises and taught me to find joy in the holiday. Every year he would wait until Christmas Eve to do his shopping and decorate … Read more

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Postcard Power!

Several days ago, two boxes, weighing 78 lbs were delivered to my studio doorstep. They weren’t holiday gifts–next spring’s postcards had arrived! The 2009 Postcard is a departure w/a white background and new tag line I have produced a postcard … Read more

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A Short Story…very short.

Last night is snowed a bit. This morning it misted. Before 6, it was warm when I went out to walk the dog. N0w, at almost 9, it’s colder. Here’s what happened. Lacecap on Ice

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Web 2.0 Ballroom

Before I begin again, let me put some things in perspective. I learned to type on a typewriter–a manual one. I’m no more tech savvy than the average person who texts via cell phone, answers email and orders stuff I … Read more

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Under foot. A stone carpet.

A grey project for a grey day. This is part of the project I’ve been updating here, it started with design work last spring and is now the last build of the season. The photo below shows a partially completed … Read more

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Further Adventures with Web 2.0 Marketing

As those who read my introduction to this subject on November 23rd already know, I am attempting to use Web 2.0 and social marketing sites as part of the marketing mix my landscape design studio uses. The rest of the … Read more

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Design with Discipline, Plant with Abandon

I have always had a fondness for the clean lines of formalism. To my eye its geo-organization looks contemporary and fresh. I know there are a many designers who would rather die than design something with a formally organized space–they … Read more

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A Very Cool Web Honor!

Landscapedia has been cool enough to make me their featured designer for December. When fellow APLD member, Michael Franklin, first asked me, I told him I was honored that he even asked me. I first learned about this online community … Read more

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Kitsch and Pop Culture in the Garden

Manohla Dargis’ review of Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Australia‘ in the 11/26 issue of The New York Times has got me thinking. In her discussion of the director’s style, she contrasted his work with “art world jesters like Jeff Koons and Takashi … Read more

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Landscape Design as a Second Language

Years ago I lived in France. When I moved there I thought that my high school French would be good enough—until I tried to buy something from a local merchant. I soon discovered that I didn’t speak French at all … Read more

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Current Project Update

Another work in progress—probably the final one until the thaw. The plan, originally included in my 8/27 post, is below and is largely unchanged from the presentation drawing you see below. I used Dynascape color for a down and dirty … Read more

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After the Fall…

It seems an appropriate title for today’s musings. Leaves and the past few days’ temperature have fallen as rapidly as the collective psyche’s confidence in consumer spending. Now that the depressing news has been dispatched, I’m moving on to proactive … Read more

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Thoughts, ideas and Web 2.0

Like many others, I’m wondering what is next for my small design studio. Although we’re successful, I wonder how many people will be wanting new or renovated landscapes next spring. Well, I’ve never been one to wait for the other … Read more

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Project Updates…almost…

It’s been a while again…actual 3D flesh and blood life takes precedence over blogging… I’ve been working on the project I last blogged about. It will be the last one that gets built before the deep freeze. I’ve been lax … Read more

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The Choices–Stone

Met w/client today to make some final decisions on the stonework for the project I’ve been blogging about. Here’s the decisions for the walkways, patio floor and the seatwalls and garden wall. The details will be charcoal granite cobbles and … Read more

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Bucking against the bluestone standard

The client for the project mentioned in my previous post hates bluestone. Bluestone and brick are the standard for patios in this area and I’ve not run into anyone who hates it before. This client wants an antique look for … Read more

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Sports from a non sporty designer

I’ve been working on a challenging project for the past several weeks–a back yard play space/entertaining space/adult enclosed garden for family with 4 active, sports addicted boys. The owner wants everything to look ‘old’ as if it’s been there for … Read more

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Working through the slump

Having dealt with the designer’s version of writer’s block off and on for years, I know that the best way for me is to work through the slump. When I’m in this state I’m easily distracted and it takes a … Read more

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Where have I been?????

I haven’t been here, that’s for sure. I’ve been struggling this year with creative angst, a looming empty nest, health issues and life at large. I think I’m coming out the other side now minus a gall bladder, soon to … Read more

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The Flip Side

Here are some photos of an almost finished project that was started last October. We were lucky with this year’s mild (enough) winter and were able to work through much of it. Views from upper deck kitchen area to lower … Read more

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#24–Last day to finish

We started first and are finishing last. For the past week there’s been little but this crazy sprint to the end. The almost completed rockery There have been soooo many issues this week that it’s hard to even recount them. … Read more

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#23– Four Days and Counting

The deadline for completion of the gardens is Thursday. Today, hopefully, the pool is being installed in the patio. This week has been so stressful because every hour I spend on this project is an hour that I’m not doing … Read more

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#22–Solar Tower of Power

Today, Michael Deo and crew installed the solar panel and battery that are going to power the lights. In other electrical news we ‘found’ and unmarked live electrical line while digging for trees. UGH. Here’s some not so great photos … Read more

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#-21–12 days and counting

With less than two weeks to go, the major boulder work is complete and many of the plants have been purchased and placed. It is becoming a marathon of fits and starts due to the weather and trying to coordinate … Read more

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#–20 Fifteen Minutes of Fame?

Even though it’s too small to read here (you might be able to click & read though), a regional bimonthly, The Black River Journal, features an article about the Mansion in May showhouse with a sidebar article about the focus … Read more

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#19–Muck and Mire

We went back to work today for a bit. It was a muddy mess. I had to give Harry the dirty dog a bath immediately upon return home. There’s three weeks to go and actually we need to be done … Read more

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#18–Stoned Again

A trip to Wicki Stone in Great Meadows today yielded the tumbled flat bluestone for the dry garden as well as stone for another project we’re working on. That way we were mixing business with pleasure… Frank (shown for scale) … Read more

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#17–Slow Progress with 1 month to go

Projects like showhouses can be of great benefit to everyone involved, but they demand a financial commitment of either hard cash or time. We were supposed to work today getting the vertical stones in place, but paying work has stalled … Read more

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#16–Greenhouse crawl

Early this morning I went to one of the local production greenhouses to see what he’s got growing for spring. This particular place is $1.00 cheaper per gallon pot than anyone else. He’s got some specialties–rosemary, sempervivums and sedums in … Read more

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