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Showhouse Season V, Issue 3, Early Decisions

As I said in Issue 2, this is going to be a formal garden. The garden’s official name for the showhouse journal and website is ‘A Formal Invitation’. The ‘invitations’ are implied the the garden’s design. Its layout allows views … Read more

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Miss R. is Angry

Do people refer to their interior designers as their cleaning services or maids? No. Do people refer to fashion designers as seamstresses? No, again. Then why do people insist on calling a landscape designer, a landscaper? Not just in conversation, … Read more

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Gardens & Couture..Kindred Spirits?

This week’s couture shows in Paris reminded me how much I love fashion. Specifically, I have long been an admirer of the creative tour de force that is the Paris haute couture. Experimental, hand made by highly skilled artisans, and … Read more

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Inspiration and Influence -TV & Technicolor

A few weeks ago in a post titled Inspiration and Experience I wrote about my viewpoint as a designer as a unique culmination of life’s experiences. Writing that post has made me–probably temporarily–more acutely aware of what I look for … Read more

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Winter vs. Summer

Much has been said about the merits of the garden in winter. I agree that there is magic in the winter landscape–just not mine. I leave the grasses and plants with interesting seed heads to winter over, I’ve added some … Read more

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Several years ago on a garden tour, I found myself looking at what was on the ground plane rather than what was in the gardens. I started shooting photos of paths and patterns of what I saw for future reference … Read more

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Land Speak

At a client’s holiday party at their farm, I met one of their neighbors. She asked me how I knew the host and hostess. When I told her that I was their landscape designer, she complemented me by saying how … Read more

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Some Days You Just Need to Bloom

It’s January, I’m getting tired of the cold, the grey, and the dark. I was having a rotten day when I stopped a client’s garden last summer. This combination of clematis and roses we had planted the summer before made … Read more

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Showhouse Season V, Issue 2. The Design Process

All of the landscape design invitees for the 2009 showhouse were provided with a master plan which illustrated the homeowner’s and the consulting landscape architect’s very formal vision for the property. There would be an addition to the east side … Read more

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Showhouse Season V

This is the start of my 5th designer showhouse season. I am drawn to the charitable nature of these month long benefits, which often raise several million dollars for their charities. This one, Stately Homes by the Sea, benefits the … Read more

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Inspiration and Experience

When I first started writing this blog, I was determined for it to be about three things: art, design and living a creative life. It’s that last item that ties the first two together and has given me the freedom … Read more

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