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Molly Bush

Fifteen or sixteen years ago I bought a dark purple Heuchera, that despite all of the new introductions since, is still my favorite.  It is misunderstood–often people say ‘Oh, that’s just like Palace Purple.’  Well it’s not.  With more than … Read more

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In the garden with DigIt!

I spent Friday afternoon visiting two gardens I designed with Mary Jasch, publisher and editor of DigIt!.  Mary and I first met in 2004 when she included a piece about my first display garden in her great on-line magazine.  We … Read more

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Silent Partners

A great landscape designer always has a long list of contacts and resources that inspire them and help them to get the job done.  In the design business, anyone who doesn’t know what’s out there and where to get it  … Read more

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Daydream Believer

I was a dreamy kid.  I had a special if somewhat hard place up the hill behind our house that I dubbed ‘Thinking Rock.’  I’d sit on this flat boulder with my back against a tree trunk, hidden by the … Read more

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Pagan Rituals

It’s the first day of summer, the solstice began a few hours ago. We, in the mid-Atlantic states, are sun challenged.  It’s rained for 17 out of the last 21 days.  Plants are yellowing, pots are saturated and lawns are … Read more

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Inspiration and Influence: Hayao Miyazaki

For some it was reading Cradle to Cradle, for others it was seeing Al Gore’s charts and hearing the eloquence of his environmental message in an Inconvenient Truth.  Others still, can trace their actions to reading Rachael Carson’s Silent Spring … Read more

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The New Miss R.

Welcome to Miss R’s new home.  A big shout out to Ian Loew and his staff at LForm for collaborating with me to make all of my on-line presence visually in sync with each other.  It can’t be easy working … Read more

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Plant Torture? Not Necessarily.

A couple of years ago a client told me she wanted to drive into her driveway to a beautiful garden and asked me to design one for her. Easy enough request. She also wanted to screen off the back yard … Read more

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Bloom Day–June 09

This is my first bloom day. With a cool June and two weeks of mostly gray and rain…here’s what was blooming this morning. In order top to bottom: Thermopsis caroliniana, Clematis sp. (a rescue, not sure of cultivar), Hydrangea arborescens … Read more

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The Garden of Lost Plants

My professional need to know plants is how I ended up with The Garden of Lost Plants. My personal gardens looked more designed when I was an amateur. The sunny ‘Deer Eat This…Sucker!’ garden with a Buxus topiary awaiting installation … Read more

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The Old Man

The old man disappeared a few months back. His ancient Lincoln Continental, with its glossy finish gone flat and peeling from years in the sun, was always parked in the driveway. Every day, as I passed by on my early … Read more

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The Romantic Ideal

Those who know me, know that I am not very…well not a girlie girl. They also know that my ultra-romantic and feminine side comes out in other ways. One of those is my love for bold, evocative statements in the … Read more

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Business as Unusual

These are scary times for landscape designers whose practices overlap both the creative service and construction industries. Anyone in my business who tells you they are thriving is not being entirely truthful. The sad state of the global economy that … Read more

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A rose by any other name…

I’ve started to wonder about my blog name. Few, mostly those with kids, know the wonderful book by Barbara Cooney, Miss Rumphius, and the story behind it. Read it if you can. Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney About ten years … Read more

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Mired In Tradition

Last Sunday, in Bucks County, PA, I went on my second Open Days garden crawl of the season. These visits recharge my creative juices and offer me a first hand opportunity to see what other landscape designers and talented amateurs … Read more

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My Garden State–Basking Ridge

Yesterday I stopped for a bit in the village of Basking Ridge. I went specifically to take pictures of the White Oak that has lived there for more than 600 years. Known as ‘The Old Oak’, this ancient tree has … Read more

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