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The New Luxury

A few words stenciled on a shop window got me thinking about this…the very last lure after organic spa treatments were the enticing words  ‘eco-luxury‘.  I would think that eco-luxury would be one ‘green’ term that garden and landscape designers … Read more

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The Tale of Two Garden Photos

Clients often present me, as their  landscape designer, with carefully collected files of garden photographs culled from magazines and books that they want to share as inspiration for the design of their gardens.  I welcome their ideas since I believe … Read more

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In the Garden with DigIt! Revisited

Remember when I spent the afternoon in the garden with Mary Jasch, the publisher and editor of DigIt! ?  Well, Mary, thank you. She’s written a really flattering article that shows both gardens to advantage.  One was an large, extensive … Read more

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My Garden State: Jersey Fresh

Other than a few herbs tucked into containers I don’t grow food.  Many of my gardening peers probably consider me a vegetable gardening heretic.  I  lament that the small family farms and roadside vegetable stands of my childhood have given … Read more

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Portland | Contained

While standing in the gardens at Sakura Ridge last week, Vanessa Nagel, asked me if I could Twitter one thing about my Portland experience, what would it be?  Not needing any thought, I replied, “The diversity of  ideas.”  I think … Read more

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Portland | First Impressions

I visited the Pearl District twice this week.  Once by accident and once intentionally.  I need some time to digest everything I’m seeing and experiencing.  Later I will write a series of posts on gardens and inspiration, but for now … Read more

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Travel Plans

I love to travel and next week I’m getting the opportunity to go some place I’ve never been–Oregon.  I’ll be traveling to the APLD International Landscape Design Conference in Portland and the Hood River Valley and I’m very excited about … Read more

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Small | Modern | Fire

I love clean lined modern gardens and don’t  get  the opportunity to design one very often.  I was going to make a mood board of what I thought I’d like to use in a new client’s contemporary garden design, but  … Read more

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Pilgrim’s Progress

As I’ve noted before, my garden is neglected.  This shouldn’t be surprising because in the spring, as a landscape designer, I’m busy running around creating gardens for others.  The gardens do get the occasional power weeding, but I don’t have … Read more

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Robins Egg Blue

Every year, without fail, I find some small part of a robin’s egg.  I always pick it up and admire its unique blue-green hue.  This year, when I found a tiny piece of shell,  it got me thinking about using … Read more

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