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MeMe–Isn’t that the truth!?!

Sarah and/or Helen at Toronto Gardens have  graciously nominated me for a MeMe award. More a reveal–those 7 tidbits and 7 links below–than an award, it none the less indicates that someone is interested in what I have to say … Read more

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My Garden State|The Meadowlands and the Hackensack River

This is a tale of human alteration of the natural world that is leaning towards having a happy ending.  Anyone who grew up, as I did, near the Hackensack River and the adjacent Meadowlands knows that even in our lifetimes, … Read more

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Garden Design Lessons from Vogue?

In the September issue of Vogue, beyond the luscious, fantasy filled fashion photos,  an article about the business of fashion design piqued my interest.  Entitled  ‘What Price Fashion?’, it points in a direction that is also useful for garden and … Read more

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Portland | Distilled

New and unknown destinations of all kinds always fuel my creative process, but I need time to put all of what I experience in perspective. When something is new it swirls around in my head and is exciting–like a new … Read more

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Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day | August 2009

My home gardens are in need of some attention.  I’ve been busy with design work so it’s a case of the shoemaker’s children–my clients’ gardens look great!  Here’s what is blooming outside my house this morning despite my neglect..

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My Garden State | Sandy Hook

My uncle was visiting from Montana.  They don’t have an ocean there, so off we went to ours.  I picked a beach destination I’d never been to before even though it’s the closest public beach to my house.  Sandy Hook, … Read more

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Lounging Around

A ritual of summers past was to go into the back of my parent’s garage and drag out an ancient aluminum chaise lounge.  This contraption with its flat straps, springs and yellow, green and orange vinyl floral cushions made me … Read more

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August | Lazy Days of Summer

Allen Lacy, in his wonderful book, The Garden in Autumn describes the beginning of the fall garden season as starting mid-August in his New Jersey garden.  Bit by bit, the days are starting a little later and ending a little … Read more

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Retrofit | Ready to Party!

I am rarely offered a blank slate on which to create an outdoor living space.  Nine out of ten landscape or garden projects I design for my clients involve keeping at least some of the existing elements.   These types of … Read more

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Field Trip: Terrain at Styer’s

I don’t participate in the latest fads.  I keep current with what  the newest trends, destinations, colors or even plants are, but unless the opportunity to experience them is temporary I don’t feel the need to go in the first … Read more

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