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Inspiration and Influence: Image Spark

I love tools that allow me to work intuitively.  I don’t mind spending time to master the use of a new tool, but when one comes along that is as elegant  as Image Spark  I have to share.  Image Spark … Read more

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Garden A Go-Go

In an odd alignment of  things, one of the emerging trends in both fashion and landscape design is based on 1960s mod, so I thought I’d explore some of the possibilities for gardens starting with a groovy magazine cover as … Read more

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Show House Videos No. 1 and No. 3

It’s the beginning of designer showhouse season.  Designer previews for one that will take place in May 2010 are going on for those invited to submit their concepts for  a design space.  In the past I’ve kept an on-line journal … Read more

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The ‘L’ Word

This post could also be called ‘What’s In a Name?” The new Twitter list tool has me thinking. I am thrilled to be included on so many people’s lists, but I’m wondering about the category most have put me in. … Read more

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Neutrality, Part 1

As the late fall of November turns into early winter, I am determined to find beauty and inspiration in the season’s neutral color palette.  Rather than trying to hold on to the lush landscapes of other seasons with evergreens I … Read more

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Maybe it was the high color of autumn sun kissed and back lit.  Or maybe it’s a reaction to all the hype black plants have been getting lately. Or maybe I was already thinking about it subliminally since I snapped  … Read more

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Slowing Time

A blank piece of paper is staring back at me.  A new project awaits my creative design impulse and I’m stalling.  It’s November and I’ve been going at it full tilt for months on end… I need and want things … Read more

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Inspiration and Influence: Craftsman Farms

As the brilliant fall foliage fades, I find myself thinking more and more about larger themes in the natural world and how they directly inform my own landscape design work.  Response to concerns about the health of our planet and … Read more

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