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Where the Bubbly Reigns…

A hillside in French champagne country–Happy New Year!

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Thinking Forward

This past  year was one of upheaval and profound change.  People, ideas and places were passed by, passed through, passed over and passed around.  New ways of thinking and doing emerged and evolved while some old ones became immediately antiquated … Read more

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Making Glad the Heart of Childhood

This was my father’s favorite, first published in the New York Sun in 1897.  Christmas was his favorite holiday and he made it magic year after year after year.  Merry Christmas, all! DEAR EDITOR: I am 8 years old.  Some … Read more

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Each year when the clock artificially falls back an hour my countdown to the winter solstice begins. After this, the shortest day of the year, each day will get imperceptibly longer (by about a minute) until it’s no longer dark … Read more

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A possible Win-Win…

I have my hand out here. Once again I’ve been asked to create a garden for ‘Mansions in May’,  a local designer show house that will benefit Morristown Memorial Hospital, specifically the Emergency Services Unit. I want to give back … Read more

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A Great Read…

Yesterday was a really crappy day, weather wise.  Grey, cold and pouring.  It was the perfect opportunity to sit down with a good book.  For a single afternoon inside the warmth of my own small house in New Jersey I … Read more

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Honest Scrap or Junkyard?

My friend Helen Yoest either has a wicked sense of humor or a need to know more…but  an Honest Scrap award–I’ve got enough baggage and randomness to fill a junkyard.  I’ll play because I’m a good sport and I was … Read more

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Flowers for Myself

Sometime around Thanksgiving I bought two bunches of tulips for my winter work table – my other work table is in the unheated studio.  I splurge on fresh flowers for myself in the winter when none are available to cut … Read more

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Etiquette + Pirates

I have always believed that good manners allow you to go anywhere.   Have you ever been to a party where one person has to dominate the conversation and no matter what the prior subject the new subject of the conversation … Read more

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Do what I say…not what I do!l

As a landscape and garden designer, I only have one hard and fast rule:  create a space that compels people to venture out to use it.  Whether it’s a path, a patio, or just a comfortable place to sit and … Read more

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