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Bardessono’s Compelling Courtyards

In the pouring rain, two garden design and writing friends and I made Bardessono our final stop on a whirlwind tour of Napa and Sonoma. I first wrote about this LEED Platinum certified resort/spa earlier this year in a post … Read more

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Just a big tease…

I’m so happy that I have taken some time beyond the meetings I attended to do some limited exploring of the Bay Area.  It will take me a while to digest all that I’ve seen and to muse on the … Read more

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A Monday Away…

I’m away from my garden on this last February Monday.  A Year of Mondays will return next week, but in the meantime, I did see these wonderful dancing trees outside of Muir Woods in Northern California this week…oh and yes … Read more

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Off to the west…

I’m taking the show on the road again.  For a spring starved landscape designer, my trip to the San Francisco Bay area for the next week couldn’t come at a better time.  It is snowing outside here, but it will … Read more

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Monday 5 | A Year of Mondays Project

Chiaroscuro.  The shadows are the story this week.  I realize that I’ve been looking down because up seems empty in winter.  Today, though, the sun and a clear and brilliant blue sky gave me my subject and I’m thankful for … Read more

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In a previous professional life, I spent many hours  forecasting  fashion trends.  For me, this is still an integral part of what I do as a designer.  This week I’ve been asked to submit my ideas for 2010 landscape design … Read more

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Monday 4 | A Year of Mondays Project

Visitors.  One of the reasons I chose this particular garden  for this project is that I have to intentionally go there.  It’s on the side of the house and really leads only from front to back.  In winter, I would … Read more

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A feast of design at the Roundtable!

There’s a new band of garden and landscape designers who are blogging together on a single subject once each month.   I am really proud to be among this group of talented designers who write so passionately about gardens and their … Read more

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Textural Enhancement

It snowed last night.  The predicted 1″ is more like 4.  I was out early enough-before the melt and legions of snow blowers-to notice that many of the background textures of the gardens in my neighborhood were much more visible … Read more

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Monday 3 | A Year of Mondays Project

Frozen.  Days of below freezing temperatures have halted the changes that were occurring during the January thaw.  A partial view through the garden from the street through to the back yard.

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