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What would Arthur think?

Tomorrow is  the last public day of the show house garden.  We will be harvesting vegetables for the next week and then poof! it will be gone.  Along one side of the fence I created a perennial cutting garden from … Read more

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Sexy Rex

This Rex Begonia is a mystery. I know it’s part of the boomanfloral series of begonias, because it had a label to that effect but not the specific variety.  It’s just so sexy. I often shop at three annual wholesale … Read more

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Modular Trellis

I’m working on a project that needs some narrow wall trellis and nothing that’s available locally fits the bill.   I regularly shop the market both–brick and mortar and virtual–as part of my job as a landscape designer.  Like a … Read more

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Grill to Go

It’s time to cook outside and many of my clients call me for grills–built in and portable.  So many of the portables are just, well, boring style wise.  Here’s one that’s not. If you are a fan of wood grills–and … Read more

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Self Contained

I’m not blogging with the Roundtable this month, but I thought I’d share some more of the containers I saw while shopping the market a few weeks ago at Terrain anyway.  I already posted one of a trio of shade … Read more

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Monday 18 | A Year of Mondays

It’s dreary again this morning as it has been on so many of these Mondays.  My house is being painted and the garden is a big mess from that as well as neglect–my time is stretched to the limits in … Read more

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Tender Ballerinas

A slightly damaged Styrax japonica ‘Emerald Pagoda’ has become mine.  I have always wanted one. The blooms remind me of the chorus in Swan Lake.  It’s supposedly only hardy to Z7 and I’m in Z6. If I plant it in … Read more

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Garden Glamour Puss

Yesterday images of two famous gardeners in their gardens came across my desk.  Both were remarkable in their unreality as well as their singular understanding of the importance of image. The first image, from the blog How to be a … Read more

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A Twitterama

I had a wonderful day on Sunday in the company of people I’ve been Twittering with for almost two years.  Most of us had met before, but some of us had not.  We met at Margaret Roach’s beautiful garden for … Read more

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Monday 17 | A Year of Mondays

I thought I would take a lovely picture my only rose in the garden, but when I looked up I saw something completely different.  I manipulated the original photograph in PhotoShop because it’s the linear geometry in this image that … Read more

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Bloom Day | May 2010

I finally broke down and bought a new camera.  Of course my previous one had to break just as I was about to shoot a beauty shot for a garden I want to put in my portfolio…argh.  I opted for … Read more

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Monday 16 | A Year of Mondays Project

I have been accused of being a closet romantic.  So what? I have, since childhood, loved bearded iris–in fact they are a signature of sorts.  It’s not just the bloom – their grey green sword-like foliage are a difficult texture … Read more

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Props and Ideas

I thought I’d share some great ideas from the designer show house…from other designers.  Within the context of an extremely traditional setting, there are some wonderful details.  Enjoy! A tour de force hand forged arbor by blacksmith Charlie Spademan from … Read more

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Monday 15 | A Year of Mondays Project

Lush.  Wild.  Slightly blowzy.  Almost of another time and place.  I could never make a garden like this for clients.  They would think it’s a mess. That’s why I’ve made it for myself.

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