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Field Trip: Why Design Now?

Last Sunday, I spent the afternoon beating the 90+ degree heat immersed in what is believed is the best of design thought now. ‘Why Design Now?’ the 2010 triennial survey of all things design at the Cooper Hewitt National Design … Read more

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Bamboo Bench

Right now, I think some of the most exciting design is coming from Dutch designers.  This bundled bamboo bench from Elena Goray and Christoph Tönges in collaboration with Conbam is a case in point.  Four straps hold it together without … Read more

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Monday 22 | A Year of Mondays

Heat. Humidity. No rain for several weeks.  Plants struggle with my refusal to water them once they’re in the ground-they have to tough it out.  This spider web just amazed me with its industry–despite the external conditions.  They are obviously … Read more

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In my reader…Nude and blushing

This is the first in a series about what I read and how it influences my design work.  Posts will likely be link rich, so feel free to explore much of the same material and see if it inspires you … Read more

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An A+ Planting Combination

I’ve become enamored for the second time with Astrantia major.  Over the years I’ve included it in more than one planting plan always hoping it will be deer resistant…it’s not.  This year more than any previous, the deer have devoured … Read more

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In My Reader…

For those of you have been reading Miss R for a while, you know how I am constantly on the hunt for inspiration for my garden and landscape design work. You also probably have figured out that I am a … Read more

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Monday 21 | A Year of Mondays

Summer.  Typically this is the time I get to work in my garden.  Spring is for clients.  Right now it is an overgrown weedy mess desperate for rain.  I don’t water unless there hasn’t been rain in a month and … Read more

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Sunny | Solstice | Yellow

The solstice is on Sunday so  I’m celebrating with inspiration for sun colored gardens. Last year I honored it with images of the sun. Palette created on I find yellow to be the most difficult color to use outside … Read more

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‘Art in the Garden’ at Reeves-Reed Arboretum

Every summer the Reeves-Reed Arboretum in Summit, NJ mounts an outdoor art exhibit,  ‘Art in the Garden’.  This year’s show,  titled ‘Missing Trees’,  with work by local artist Pat Brentano, is a disappointment. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for … Read more

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A Trio of Colorful Side Chairs

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Monday 20 | A Year of Mondays

It seems incredible that there have been so many grey Mondays, but this morning it is yet again.  Yesterday’s thunderstorms and today’s soft mist have left almost everything soggy and weeping downward.  Bought on a whim years ago–this Thalictrum rochrunianum, … Read more

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Artiface and Artifacts

Last Saturday, fellow designer Jane Derickson and I headed to the rolling hills of  western New Jersey to visit gardens.   Over the years I have visited many, many gardens and it’s rare that one sticks with me because its vision … Read more

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Monday 19 | A Year of Mondays

The garden before summer, including today.  My work right now is fast and furious and I have no time to process these ideas–hopefully later.

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Oh! Kay…

Don’t get used to it–that is two plant postings in a row– but May brings bloom, and I fall in and out of plant lust every minute.   I have often said that plants are the last thing on a designer’s … Read more

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