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In my Reader…Design for Mankind

This one’s pretty eclectic.  I’ve culled some garden design related images from Erin Loechner’s Design For Mankind who culls them from everywhere.  Links back to the original source are on every post. It’s a fast and furious inspirational blog with … Read more

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Grounds for Sculpture

Last Sunday I met up with a group of my peers from APLDNJ for a summer social and private tour of Grounds for Sculpture.  I hadn’t been in a few years, so enough time had passed for me to see … Read more

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Garden Designers Roundtable – Underused Plant(s)

Underused plants is a totally subjective topic based only on one person’s experience.  So bear in mind that I’m the non-plant obsessed designer of the group! I have visited many, many gardens and I’ve only seen this plant in three … Read more

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Monday 26 | A Year of Mondays

Finally a cool summer morning after weeks of oppressive heat and humidity.  The slowest painter in the world should be finished this week and the most damage will be done to the garden–he left the foundation for last.  I am … Read more

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In my Reader…The Good Garden

There’s a new garden lifestyle blog in town and it’s worth a look.  The Good Garden is Sarah Kinbar’s brand new blog.  In case you don’t know, Sarah was also the Editor in Chief of Garden Design magazine for the … Read more

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Bollywood and Vine

It’s hot, really hot and humid in New Jersey.  As a matter of fact it’s hot in most of the United States, so I went looking for some hot inspiration. I want color, glamour and fun.  Where did I look … Read more

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A Tale of Two Fences…

One of the big benefits of having a visual memory is that I frequently connect images that have only a tenuous relationship to each other. These urban fences are almost 3000 miles apart.  Both are extraordinary designs.  Both stand on … Read more

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Monday 25 | A Year of Mondays

I went outside today expecting nothing.  The garden is in a state of profound neglect.  Heat, no appreciable rain, deer and the slowest painters on the face of the universe have had their effect.  What I found suprised me. There … Read more

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In my Reader…Vulgare

A quick trip to Vulgare is often all I need to get a shot of inspiration.  Written by Thomas Barbey in collaboration with Olivier Cazin, this blog is a eclectic cornucopia of images and ideas of landscapes and the natural … Read more

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To Buffa10 with Love – Part 2

I have to learn to take more pictures.  When I travel I’m so intent on absorbing the mood and fabric of a place that I don’t look through my lens as often as I could.  Buffa10 was one of those … Read more

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To Buffa10 with Love–Part 1

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Monday 24 Away | A Year of Mondays

No garden for me today…just a long drive back to New Jersey.  Last night, before I left Buffa10 I went to one last  garden.  It was behind a small brick Victorian house–the type that is very common here.   ‘Hope Blooms’  … Read more

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In my Reader…Blogging from Blackpitts Garden

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On the Road Again…

Today I’m driving 6.5 hours northwest to Buffa10 to meet up with a group of people–garden bloggers in fact–who are largely unknown to me outside of their blogs or Twitter or Facebook.   I’m wondering why, in the past three … Read more

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Screen-Trellis-Green Wall

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Ikea Hack or what to do with leftovers…

My goal at the end of each container planting season is to end up with no leftovers.  This year I was left with one plant.  A beautiful Rex begonia.  It has been sitting in my container garden (I did buy … Read more

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Monday 23 | A Year of Mondays

It hasn’t rained here in a month–this is not usual and not unusual in high summer.  The house painters painters have made a huge mess.  Everything is covered in dust and old chipping paint–despite a rinse with the hose.  I’m … Read more

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In my Reader…Arch Daily

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