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Monday 42 | A Year of Mondays

I went out into the garden this morning with clear intent.  I found what I was looking for, but it was not the most interesting to me.  Last night was cold.  Frost was still on the remaining leaves of plants … Read more

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In my Reader…Sparkling Ink

In America this week, it’s all about the thankful feast.  A feast of family, a feast of travel, and a feast of food.  In honor of that, I’ve decided to digress from my usual garden and design oriented entries and … Read more

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Garden Designers Roundtable: Romantic Garden Dining

It seems curious, as it gets cold here in late November,  that I would be thinking about dining outdoors, but  I have a secret.  I collect images of ultra-romantic outdoor furniture suitable for dining and tabletop accessories in hopes of … Read more

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Monday 41 | A Year of Mondays

I have a new contender for the last blast of color for the year.  One of the new plants I added to the garden this year was a Cotinus coggygria ‘Golden Spirit’.  I used the one I planted for a … Read more

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In my Reader…Brent Comber

I have to admit that I’m a serial saver to Delicious.  If I’m short on time, ‘Save a new Bookmark’ gets clicked.  Since I’m busy, it gets clicked often.  Sometimes I forget I’ve bookmarked something that I really, really meant … Read more

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Not so green…walls

True confession…I find most green walls…well…too green.  I find them to be dramatic, but my brain needs visual space and covering everything from head to toe in plants is not always my idea of  beauty.  Well, it is in the … Read more

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Monday 40 | A Year of Mondays

The view from my studio is totally red…but this is about the garden.  Every year in mid-November this street tree, an Acer rubrum, puts on the most reliable and spectacular show.   It is only marginally visible from the far end … Read more

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In my Reader…Hiroki Takada

This one will be short and sweet since I’m extraordinarily busy this week.  The Tea Ceremony chair from Japanese designer Hiroki Takada is remarkable in its simplistic beauty–like much of classical Japanese design.  I want to see this in a … Read more

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Fall as Spring Garden Inspiration

This fall has been particularly inspiring for its color.  It’s been a while since I did a post on color and this one is going to be a little bit different.  I want to try and use the fall foliage … Read more

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Monday 39 | A Year of Mondays

Today it really feels like winter is settling in.  The wind is blowing, the last of the leaves swirling in the air and the sky above is grey. Color is more subtle now.  It will be another month before  it … Read more

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In my Reader…The Outdoor Stylist

There’s a new website dedicated to outdoor style.  The Outdoor Stylist is the brainchild of Anne Robert who has been reporting internationally on garden features, accessories and furniture via her My Urban Garden Deco Guide site for several years.  Covering … Read more

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Circular Swimming Pools

I’m working on a landscape design that will incorporate a round pool.  I’ve been meaning to write about circular swimming pools for a while and have been collecting inspiration images on garden visits.  Round pools can stand on their own … Read more

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Monday 38 | A Year of Mondays

Today was a mad dash between two late season garden design projects and I didn’t get into my own until late.  I was totally fascinated with the light and debris on my simple path. I won’t love it so much … Read more

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