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Zip Tie Garden Inspiration

Before the mad rush of holiday preparation began I spent a leisurely afternoon walking in New York. I wasn’t looking for garden inspiration, but I found it. Flaming Cactus from The Animus Arts Collective was still up in Astor Place. … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…Harlequin Garden Tables

Love!  These are super fun tables for any patio.  Sometimes I find things that I just have to share and these were one of them.  They just jumped out at me from hundreds of choices…I don’t question it.  Have a … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…a rustic glider

When I was a child, my grandmother and I would shell peas while gently rocking back and forth on her garden glider.  She would do the shelling, I would do the day dreaming.  This glider isn’t at all like that … Read more

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Life’s a birch…

There are plenty of examples of designers bringing the outside in via inspiration for wallcoverings and fabrics, pillows and furniture, and even potted plants and masses of cut flowers.   I don’t think there’s one as versatile as the paperbark birch though. … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…rethinking tree guards

How many times have I walked by trees surrounded by these oh so functional guards?  They’re not used much anymore and even when they were I didn’t give them much thought.  Today, looking for a ‘find’ I saw at them … Read more

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Garden Designers Roundtable: Hort Idols the Live Show!

Today I want to take a different approach (are you suprised?) to the idea of who my horticulture idols are and share how much I’ve learned from visiting the gardens I’ve seen with the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days program.  Some … Read more

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The not so lowly cinderblock

Part of the designer’s art is to understand the possibilities of materials.  Sometimes they can  elevate materials beyond their original intentions–a piece of wood becomes an incredible piece of furniture…some shiny chunks of minerals become a diamond brooch. Cinder blocks … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…Walter Lamb Chaise Lounge

This one hits all of my outdoor design buttons…modern, curvaceous, cleanlined and vintage. Oh! would I love to have this in the garden that’s in my mind…not the one I currently have which is in shambles after the two punch … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…carnival swing

Ever since I visited the local carnival this past summer I’ve been obsessed with finding ways to use all things carny in gardens from neon to vintage rides and signs.  (More on that later.) This swing goes beyond the usual and would be a … Read more

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Out of season fun…wild pools

Funny how much students can teach you sometimes.  In my landscape design class my students had a side discussion about pools.  Many of them have little or no design experience so I showed them three images for us to discuss. … Read more

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Moss Rocks…well they rock

I’ve been waiting for this to launch so I can get me some Moss Rocks.  They are quite possibly the most fun thing I’ve seen in a while.  Stylish and humorous and that’s hard to do. The Moss and Stone … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…a bamboo chaise

This bamboo chaise from the 1940s has so many DIY possibilities.  It’s simple, elegant and fun all at the same time.  It’s also sold…so you’ll have to make it yourself!

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Leaf…a back story

First I want to thank everyone– so many of you have read Leaf Magazine since its launch on Monday.  I thought it might be interesting to give you a wee bit of the back story…. We have a completely virtual … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…a fantasy folly

Architectural models are one of my things…so are garden follies.  Years ago when I visited the Sir John Soane’s Museum in London, his collection of architectural models stuck in my memory.  So it’s fitting that my ‘find’ this week is … Read more

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Leaf…a sneak peek at the cover

It’s finally here.  All of the hard work, steep learning curve and sleepless nights will culminate the launch of the preview issue of Leaf Magazine on Monday at 3 pm ET. Because I can, as one of the founders and … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…a rustic wood bench

Sometimes when I’m scouting things for garden clients and Leaf Magazine I find something that is beautiful more for how it was made than for the actual object itself. More than anything I’ve seen in a long time, this bench … Read more

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Garden Designer’s Roundtable | How Did I Get Here?

You may ask yourself, “Well, how did I get here?” –Talking Heads, Once in a Lifetime Indulge me please. I have enough years behind me to be able to view the paths and detours I’ve taken. Some things have been … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…bargain hunting

While it’s fun to dream about expensive antiques for the garden, my wallet doesn’t always agree with the result so I decided to do a specialized search 1st Dibs for garden objects that were $500 and less.  Sometimes I don’t … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…Swan seating

So this isn’t a swan song…it’s a swan seat.  Sometimes I like things just because they are totally ridiculous and this is one of them.   I am so not surprised that it comes from a garden antiques dealer in … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…an iron planter

Every week I convince myself that I won’t be able to ‘find’ anything garden worthy…and every week there’s something wonderful to share. This iron jardinere would be worth having for its graphic quality alone.  Bold lines and clean details make … Read more

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Storm Lighting…as in no power

Last weekend tropical storm Irene wrecked havoc with my life.  I was one of the lucky ones…a flooded basement, spoiled food and several days without power and water were the worst of it for me–others had it far worse. In … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…a swing

I’ve written about amusement parks here before.  Before computerized light displays and back lit plastic artwork, there was simple beauty and magic in these mostly summer places.  I am still drawn to travelling carnivals because of their simplicity and straightforward delivery of … Read more

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Fashion in the Garden…Plaid!

The fashionista in me goes into full swing in late August.  The big fall magazines are released and I’m all in.  My work as a co-founder of Leaf magazine has made this annual ritual of mine have broader meaning, but … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…lawn chairs

Today my garden designer/blogger peers over at Garden Designers Roundtable along with the Lawn Reform Coalition will be discussing lawn alternatives.  Lawns are a hot button topic with many on both sides of the garden fence, so I thought I’d … Read more

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Under a Rock…a semi shameless plug

I’ve been under a rock.  A leafy rock.  As you know I’m part of a small dedicated team –including Rochelle Greayer and Lynn Fellici-Gallant and a talented group of outside contributors and designers, who will be publishing an on-line design … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…a Majolica Pot

I am usually ambivalent about Majolica pottery.  Often its explosion of surface decoration and eccentric forms are just too over the top. With that said, this uber pretty planter drew me in.  Because it is a specific type of collectible … Read more

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When a garden changes hands…

Last May I spent a morning with Rich Pomerantz photographing three of my gardens.  Normally I shoot all of my own photos, but I have never been able to get decent images of these three, so I brought in Rich … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…a bench I never thought I’d like

I usually don’t go for the cast iron benches so common in many gardens.  I find them fussy and uncomfortable–both in looks and reality.  Then I saw this and loved it.  It’s kind of like grandma gone wild–you know the … Read more

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Leaf Magazine…Design Outside

I have a HUGE announcement!  Rochelle Greayer of StudioG, Lynn Felici-Gallant of Indigo Gardens and I have been hard at work getting ready to launch a new digital magazine this fall! LEAF will cover everything related to design outside and how we … Read more

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Thoughts about Seattle…gardens etc.

I was in Seattle for a week.  I’d never been there before and really had no idea what to expect.  Four days of my visit was spent with other garden bloggers at the fourth annual Garden Bloggers Fling. We visited … Read more

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