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Spring SteelChairs

I usually post on Wednesdays, but we had technical problems yesterday…so here it is on Thursday! I’m so ready for spring to be sprung!  It’s been unusually cold for the past two weeks.  Since spring hasn’t really made an appearance … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…cement table

Sometimes I just see something and say YES!  This garden table was one of those.  Funky and modern, this table would not be easy to use on just any patio or in any garden.  What a statement it makes.  Objects … Read more

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In my Reader…Perspectives from an Italian Garden

Just when spring was warming up–it snowed this week on gardens in the  NY/NJ metropolitan area…twice.  I started dreaming about being someplace else…anywhere really.   I let Gervais de Bedee take me to his corner of Italy and on his travels … Read more

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Garden Trend Watch: Rough Refinement

Last Thursday I scouted the Architectural Digest Home Design Show for outdoor furniture and accessories.  I wasn’t just looking for pieces, I was shopping the market for trends and innovations as well.  I found all three–great pieces, emerging trends and … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…a pair of garden helpers

I have always loved tools–especially garden tools.   Even more than new tools, I love old tools.  Tools that have felt the touch and respect of others and that have the patina of many years of jobs well done.  In celebration … Read more

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March Magazine Madness

March has been particularly good to me and I’m tooting my own horn here.  As a hard core magazine lover, I’m thrilled to be featured in three this month!  This type of press coverage is not a common occurrence around … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…an iron horse

Usually I don’t love this kind of 60’s sculpture, but I can envision this steel horse prancing in a meadow garden.  At over 4′ tall and 6′ long, I think it would be just fantastic, don’t you?   It’s from Dixon … Read more

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In my Reader…Earthly Delights

This is probably more a save the date than anything else.  If you live and work in the New York metropolitan region, plan on attending this event on May 21st!  Earthly Delights promises to be an exceptional garden event filled … Read more

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Philadelphia Flower Show 2011

I suppose it had to happen sooner or later.  The 2011 Philadelphia Flower Show was disappointing.  With a theme like Springtime in Paris it should have been filled with romantic, eccentric, fashionable gardens.  I go for the show gardens.  Sure … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…Croquet and cocktails anyone?

I have one of these in my garage.  My lawn isn’t really level enough to play on–we still try–and it’s missing some wickets.  Croquet anyone? I love croquet parties.  It’s very old fashioned, but fun and competitive.  Add a tall … Read more

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In my Reader…Tokyo DIY Gardening

You know I’m not a huge DIY person.  If everyone did that, I’d be out of business.  BUT, I love Tokyo DIY Gardening.  An open source site for anyone who gardens in overcrowded Tokyo. It is also chock full of … Read more

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Garden Design Details: Rustic Wood Gates

One of the most neglected ideas in garden design is that of entry and exit in a garden.  Too often gardens are islands in a sea of turf, shoved against a building or relegated to the property’s edge.  There is … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…Deck Chair

Okay, so this chair is an sold as an art piece created by infamous British artist Damien Hirst.  Other artists have created some too.  Although I think the originals could be really fun to have, they are also  something to … Read more

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