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Garden Design Details: Fences

Whenever I see an interesting fence I take a photo or if it’s online or in a magazine I clip it and save it for future reference…someday I’ll get to design a garden fence that’s more than a functional backdrop, and when … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…French Foundry Pots

I love it when I find things that meld various interests.  These foundry pots do just that linking my history in both garden design and metalwork.  Carved from igneous rock and used to pour molten metals, they have been re-purposed as beautiful containers. … Read more

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A new look for spring!

Miss R has a new look.  So does my website.  The navigation is now at the bottom of the page and everything in linked together.  Along with my regular garden and landscape design projects this has been going on in … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…boardwalk planters

Coney Island amusement park opened this week.  What does that have to do with garden design?  Here’s the tale… You wouldn’t really know it, but Coney Island is in my blood.  My uncle owned and built Astroland on the site … Read more

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Garden Design Details: Pergolas

Sometimes being a designer means solving a mystery.  I’d like to say that clients’ desire for structures and elements to be incorporated into their garden’s design was consistent and cyclical, but it’s not.  This spring I find myself being asked … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…here comes the sun

I’ve always liked sun faces as a motif.   I see garden wall ornaments with shining benevolent suns all the time.  This vintage 1960s dining table and chairs uses them to great, fun effect.  How wonderful would this set be at a … Read more

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Early April Gardens

I know that T.S. Elliot’s poem The Wasteland isn’t about gardens.  It is idiosycratic, densely symbolic and ultimately about beauty and meaning in a modern world in ruins.  Kind of appropriate for the way things seem in the world right … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…a silver snail

Sometimes you want some bling in your garden. sometimes a bit of kitsch is warranted–so is a sense of humor.  This vintage sprinkler has all in ample supply! It’s a clever design that would also look great when not doing its watering … Read more

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In my Reader…a seasonal break

In my reader is going on hiatus until later in the year.  It’s spring and my landscape design studio is humming with new and ongoing projects.  Since I’m a designer first and foremost, my blog shifts with the time I … Read more

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