Leaf…a back story

First I want to thank everyone– so many of you have read Leaf Magazine since its launch on Monday.  I thought it might be interesting to give you a wee bit of the back story….

We have a completely virtual office and all of our work is done collaboratively online.  In fact, we’re so far flung around the place that I’ve never met several of the people we’re working with face to face.   That makes Leaf pretty green too…except for the laptop energy we consume and there has been lots of that.

The first feature to be completed for the magazine…Yarn Bombs.  I wrote it when I was in Seattle in July.

Why the name?  It’s a quadruple entendre…leaf as in foliage, leaf as in what you do when you read a magazine, leaf as in a page, and leaf as in turning over a new one.

If you haven’t yet read it…click here to try it.


Tuesday’s Find…a fantasy folly

Architectural models are one of my things…so are garden follies.  Years ago when I visited the Sir John Soane’s Museum in London, his collection of architectural models stuck in my memory.  So it’s fitting that my ‘find’ this week is a model of  fantasy folly.  I can imagine this in a meadow or a clearing in a woodland garden.  It would be totally delightful.

Fantasy Garden Folly

The folly is available from Piranesi Antiques.

Leaf…a sneak peek at the cover

It’s finally here.  All of the hard work, steep learning curve and sleepless nights will culminate the launch of the preview issue of Leaf Magazine on Monday at 3 pm ET.

Because I can, as one of the founders and editors of the mag, I’ll give you a preview.  The cover below is a garden designed by Topher Delaney and photographed by Saxon Holt.

Inside the magazine you’ll find an eclectic mix of all things related to design outside from gardens, to furniture, to art installations, videos,  and even fashion.  If you’re not a subscriber yet, it’s not too late, click here or pick up the links on Monday at 3 pm ET on our Facebook page or Twitter account @leafmag.  Speaking of Twitter…if you want to share ideas and comments with us and generally celebrate our launch, we’re having a Twitter launch party the same day at #leaflaunch at 6 pm ET.  Hope to see you there!

Tuesday’s Find…a rustic wood bench

Sometimes when I’m scouting things for garden clients and Leaf Magazine I find something that is beautiful more for how it was made than for the actual object itself. More than anything I’ve seen in a long time, this bench from Scotland displays as much joy in the process as in the final piece itself.

Note the wedged mortise and tendon joints holding the seat and back to the sides.  The natural board edges have been left as have the marks left from planing the boards to their finished thickness.  These maker’s marks add to the beauty of the bench and make it more special in this era of mass production and consumable goods.

The bench is available from Bellingham and Company in New York.