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Life’s a birch…

There are plenty of examples of designers bringing the outside in via inspiration for wallcoverings and fabrics, pillows and furniture, and even potted plants and masses of cut flowers.   I don’t think there’s one as versatile as the paperbark birch though. … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…rethinking tree guards

How many times have I walked by trees surrounded by these oh so functional guards?  They’re not used much anymore and even when they were I didn’t give them much thought.  Today, looking for a ‘find’ I saw at them … Read more

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Garden Designers Roundtable: Hort Idols the Live Show!

Today I want to take a different approach (are you suprised?) to the idea of who my horticulture idols are and share how much I’ve learned from visiting the gardens I’ve seen with the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days program.  Some … Read more

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The not so lowly cinderblock

Part of the designer’s art is to understand the possibilities of materials.  Sometimes they can  elevate materials beyond their original intentions–a piece of wood becomes an incredible piece of furniture…some shiny chunks of minerals become a diamond brooch. Cinder blocks … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…Walter Lamb Chaise Lounge

This one hits all of my outdoor design buttons…modern, curvaceous, cleanlined and vintage. Oh! would I love to have this in the garden that’s in my mind…not the one I currently have which is in shambles after the two punch … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…carnival swing

Ever since I visited the local carnival this past summer I’ve been obsessed with finding ways to use all things carny in gardens from neon to vintage rides and signs.  (More on that later.) This swing goes beyond the usual and would be a … Read more

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Out of season fun…wild pools

Funny how much students can teach you sometimes.  In my landscape design class my students had a side discussion about pools.  Many of them have little or no design experience so I showed them three images for us to discuss. … Read more

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