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Wear Your Veggies! Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2012

Rarely does an example of trends trickling up from gardens and landscapes include vegetable gardens!   Florals prints and patterns are common each spring– but veggies?  Timely and current with the uptick in vegetable gardening, Dolce and Gabbana’s Spring 2012 … Read more

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House, Studio and Garden Hunt…

As some of you know, for the past few months I’ve been looking for a new house.  I’ll let you know when I finally seal a deal and I’ll probably start a series of posts on the reno since a … Read more

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Luxury Pizza Oven: Wood Stone Ovens

Last night I was invited to a dinner cooked entirely in a Wood Stone Oven.  A relatively new addition to the myriad of luxury products available for outdoor kitchens,  Wood Stone has adapted its commercial product–California Pizza Kitchen uses their ovens–for outdoor … Read more

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Garden Designers Roundtable: Reality Check! Designers Save Money

  This post is a bit of a rant because I find that so many people don’t really get it. Landscape renovations and installations are as big a construction project as any bathroom, kitchen or home addition. Few would attempt … Read more

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Marimekko, outdoor fabric please?

If there were ever fabric prints suited for outdoor use they would be Marimekko. When their new store opened on Fifth Avenue in NYC in October I was thrilled. I finally visited in early December and my first taste of … Read more

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Art and Garden: Sarah Illenberger

I ran across these flower and plant images created by Sarah Illenberger last night. I was still thinking about them this morning.  When that happens, I don’t wait, I share. I think they are haunting and beautiful.

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Garden Ideas from Ikea

Yesterday I took a friend heading to warmer climes to the airport.  After I dropped her off I decided have a cheap lunch at the nearly adjacent Ikea.  I wasn’t looking for garden inspiration, but that’s what I found. Only … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…turquoise planters

This garden find is more about the color than the actual pieces.  I’ve written about this shade of Robin’s Egg Blue before.  It can be contemporary or vintage looking depending on the context.  It plays well with other colors without … Read more

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Garden Design Details: Painted Wood

Some inspiration to cure the January blahs.  With it so drab in the garden outside, I crave some color.  Paint is often the least expensive way to change any space and that includes those outside.  Creative and bold use of … Read more

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Mid-Winter Garden Design Project

I started blogging soon after I started creating conceptual gardens.  I wanted a way to describe the process as it was happening.  That grew into something else entirely and now Miss R has a life of her own… With that … Read more

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The Bad Tempered Gardener…she’s not really

A few years ago as these things go, I met Anne Wareham via Twitter.  I don’t have a specific memory of who was saying what in 140 characters or less, but we both quickly found out that we share a … Read more

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Designer Annette Von Einem’s Floral Fashion

More consistently than any other I have seen, Danish floral designer Annette Von Einem blurs the lines between flowers and fashion.  In competition and on the runway, Von Einem has a flair for the wearable. Given the rise in popularity of ‘fascinators’ … Read more

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Macato Murayama’s Technical Flower Drawings

I usually don’t get excited by flower art, but these digital works called ‘Inorganic Flora’  by Japanese artist,  Macato Murayama,  just blew me away. Murayama combines several types of digital technology and has been experimenting with flowers for a few … Read more

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Landscape Design Project in Progress

I like working as part of a large team when I am brought in at the beginning, rather than the end of a project as so often happens.  Collaboration with architects, other designers and clients can be fun and rewarding … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…a rustic wheel table

For my first garden find of 2012 I’m going to revert to an old theme.  We know how much I love faux bois, but this is a bit different.  The table top is an old cart wheel from Guatemala and the table … Read more

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