A Chanel Inspired Garden

Rochelle from StudioG and I are having a garden inspiration throw down.  She frequently uses fashion as a muse for garden inspiration.  I am a hardcore fan of fashion, so when she posted a Hippie fashion inspired post, I challenged her to this one based in Chanel…she accepted.  It’s been a lot of fun putting this together.

Chanel, both the woman and the fashion house, have long intrigued me.  I knew I was on to something when I saw the garden inspired runway from the Spring 2011 Couture Collection shown last fall in Paris.

2011 Chanel couture collection via the New York Times

It’s ironic that Mlle. Chanel, who was a proponent of all things modern has become such an icon of classicism.  Karl Lagerfeld who has been Chanel’s designer since the 80’s has continually reinvented the look while staying within the Chanel design lexicon.   Even the logo looks would make a fabulous basis for a the oh-so-French clipped parterre.

Imagine the interlocking C's as boxwood...

There are specific motifs that have become to signify Chanel style.  I’m going to use five of  those here as inspiration for a garden.

Camellias are an easy place to start…worn first by the mademoiselle and later used as fashion details in a variety of ways.  Last summer I lusted over these flip-flops.

Chanel camellia flip flops

An easy segue…

White camelia

Chanel was influenced by the tweeds and checks found in British country clothes.  She reinterpreted the material using it in what is now considered the quintessential Chanel suit.

Tweeds interpreted by Chanel

Chanel tweeds and checks for the garden…

Dedon's Slim Line Outdoor Chair

Costume jewelry, particularly pearls and chains are another Chanel signature motif…

From the 2006 Spring collection--chains!

And in the garden…

Chanel for a rainy day in the garden...rainchains!

The quilted bag…these have come in every possible style and color…

The classic quilted bag

These ‘quilted’ cabinets would be perfect for an outdoor kitchen…

Quilted Cabinets - Perfect for an outdoor kitchen

And because it is so essentially French…I would design a boules court in my garden just so I could have a set of these.  I would invite over a group of friends, pour some excellent wine and have a party n’est pas?

Petanque (Boules) by Chanel

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3 Responses to A Chanel Inspired Garden

  1. Jenn says:

    Didn’t she have a signature lipstick color?
    Add that in to your mix, roses or cushions or somesuch.

    Scent for sure. Her rival Elsa Schiaparelli had a signature color…’shocking pink’ perhaps roses are in order there!–s

  2. Yes, most design disciplines could be a great influence for garden designers, but I think somehow fashion designers especially because they are themselves often very into gardens!
    Fabric/ carpet prints I think are particularly inspiring and often you can pull out a complete section which space and design wise could be a landscape. What a gift!

    Had a conversation with a designer from another discipline last night who was AMAZED that garden inspiration could be found in fashion…glad you see it too!–s

  3. Denise says:

    I so agree. I’ll take No. 2. My first love was fabrics and clothes design but soon found plants were just as sexy and waaay more affordable.

    It would be fun to combine it all, don’t you think?–s

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