American Tudor

A Facelift for a Tudor Grand Dame

Some of my favorite landscape design projects involve American Tudors.  I love the romance of these houses, their quirky details, their materials and how often they survive the wrecking ball.  Many of these homes were built in the 1920s and family needs change with the times.  I am currently working on a design for a circa 1929 home and re-imagining the landscape for a young, 21st century family.  This will be the first of several irregular posts on the project which won’t be completed until the fall.

American Tudor

The current landscape has outgrown its space and usefulness so much of it will be replaced.  Things have been ignored for too long to be simply pruned.  Entries and exits, steps and useful areas front and back will be part of an architectural and landscape renovation that will make this grand dame young again.

2 thoughts on “A Facelift for a Tudor Grand Dame

  1. Hi Helen–That will be the trick…making the house a warm and welcoming presence on the street and still honor its past. I’m excited to work on it.

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