A feast of design at the Roundtable!

There’s a new band of garden and landscape designers who are blogging together on a single subject once each month.   I am really proud to be among this group of talented designers who write so passionately about gardens and their design.  The idea that each of us can take a single topic and bring something individual to it speaks eloquently about the diversity of design ideas that a landscape designer brings to the table.  (That pun was definitely intended!)

The Garden Designers Roundtable is going to be like having a great garden design magazine delivered to your blog feed each and every month.  All of the writers are professional, practicing designers from different regions who each have their own blogs.  It won’t be the same designers participating every month, since each has chosen a few topics that they’d like to write about during the course of the year.  There will be links on the roundtable blog (click above) to each participant’s thoughts on that month’s subject.

I participated in the first two topics, but will be sitting out the third –to be posted on February 23–in favor of blogging about color in March.  You can see the schedule of topics here and you can follow along with the group on the Facebook fan page.  If you Tweet, the hashtag for the group is #gdrt.

See you around the roundtable!

One thought on “A feast of design at the Roundtable!

  1. Susan,

    I love the idea of the Garden Designer’s Roundtable and am so excited to have been asked to join such an impressive group of designers. I enjoyed reading everyone’s posts in January about regional diversity and the list of future topics is sure to illict some interesting posts too. I hope readers will have as much fun reading our posts as we have writing them.

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