A Garden Renovation

It’s an interesting turn of events when a client calls and wants me to renovate a garden I designed for them years ago.  Several months ago, that’s exactly what happened.  One of my clients is planning a 2nd story master suite addition to their 1920s American Tudor.  The town was unsure they wanted to approve it, so I was asked to create new plans for the garden that would enclose it as well as renderings of what the finished product would look like.

Now I can draw, but I wanted something spectacular that would really impress the zoning board and my perspective drawings lack a certain je ne sais quoi so I decided to work with a landscape and architectural illustrator,  to create some renderings from my plans and photographs.

The Garden Plan

The new second story master suite creates a covered porch underneath it.  The new footprint will replace the current gardens on that side of the house which we installed six or seven years ago.  A large cedar will have to be removed and many of  the major plants will be dug and relocated prior to the start of construction.

Here are the renderings.  All too often I find clients and others have a difficult time visualizing from a plan view.  I usually resort to a lot of hand waving in the garden with the plan in front of us, but this was not an option this time.

Front view of the garden and addition

The drawings have a lovely traditional quality to them that I really love.  My drawing style is much more graphic and cartoony.

Garden rear view with addition and porch

3 thoughts on “A Garden Renovation

  1. Wonderful share on updating the garden, must have truly been a pleasure to have your client call you back for the redesign Bravo Annie

    Thanks. Actually, I have several long term relationships with clients and do work for them more or less on an on-going basis. This is one of my favorites!–s

  2. i love your work Horticulticure issue for march. i have a house 40 years old with a beautiful yard. my bulbs etc. are tired. i need to start over in several beds.the front of the house planting has no sytemerty. i live on st. simons island, ga. maybe you could advise me on how to start the needed improvements. i need to move plants and probably get rid of some. your woek really caught my eye! thank you for reading this e-mail. daphnealston@me.com

  3. This will be stunning. Thank you for sharing the drawings. They do make a big difference.

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