A Garden Unexpected…field of dreams

Driving back from a client’s project the other night I was stuck in traffic.  I was thinking about a post I wanted to write about my ambivalence about local solar farms and their impact on open space and the beauty of the landscape.  Cars were stopped and kids playing soccer caught my peripheral vision…and then this just beyond.  It was so magical I had to pull over and explore!

There in the middle of suburbia at the edge of the woods–a field of dreams…acres and acres of naturalized foxgloves dancing in the setting sun.  More amazing was that no one else was there…

Foxgloves as far as the eye can see
Standing in the middle of thousands of flowers
Bending with the breezes

It was a Miss Rumphius moment.

6 thoughts on “A Garden Unexpected…field of dreams

  1. Beautiful photographs! I love foxglove and planted a bunch!

    I also like your new blog design (or maybe not so new-it might have been a while!)
    Thanks, Katie. It’s nice to see you here. It has been a bit…–s

  2. I planted a clump of foxgloves this spring. I am surprised to see these so happy on such a sunny site.
    They’re in shade for 1/2 the day. I took these photos at 7 pm…–s

  3. I was just about to comment “A true Miss Rumphius moment,” when I fortunately read your last line first. That is some amazing sight.
    It was truly special. Fairy tales can come true!–s

  4. Once in a lifetime moments are gifts. Looks like you enjoyed watching yours unfold before your very eyes.
    You are so right. Magic happens about as often as pure joy…when both combine it is indeed a gift.–s

  5. Amazing…those are moments to remember…it’s always amazing how no garden, no matter how well planned or executed, can compete with nature.

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