A Gathering of Garden Writers

I’m at my first Garden Writer’s Association symposium in Raleigh, NC.  I decided to attend just to see what it was like and well, it’s different than I expected. Also, the Raleigh location and the planned garden visits were places I wanted to see…more about that in a minute.

First and foremost these writers and garden communicators are welcoming and I’ve met some people who I previously only knew through their books or on-line via blogs, zines and social media.  Second, about 95% of them are crazed with plant lust.

Here’s some images of places and plants from the first couple of days.  Like my trip to Portland this past July, it’s going to take a while to filter everything so it works for me.

It's the south...it's a bottle tree
It's the south...it's a bottle tree

This bottle tree and the lovely ecclesiastical birdhouse in the next image are from Helen Yoest’s wildlife garden.  On a suburban lot, she has created a haven for birds, butterflies, and other small creatures including a box turtle.

Church birdhouse
Church birdhouse

Another highlight of the first few days was a visit to Duke Gardens.  A teaching garden that was once part of the Duke estate, there was exquisite stonework and interesting plant combinations in a terrace originally designed by Ellen Biddle Shipman.

Bold combo at the Duke terrace gardens
Bold combo at the Duke terrace garden

Exotica at Duke Gardens
Exotica at Duke Gardens

Lyrical curve on curve at Duke Gardens
Lyrical curve on curve at Duke Gardens

5 thoughts on “A Gathering of Garden Writers

  1. THE most charming birdhouse. Wonderful photos for those of us wishing we had been there.

    I hope all the Twittering and blog posts have really given you a sense of what it’s all about here in NC. Glad you liked the birdhouse, I sure did!

  2. Thanks for sharing these pictures, and giving us a taste of Raleigh gardens. Should have gone. Sounds like I missed a lot of fun.

    There’s more coming in some singular posts–especially one about Montrose. Incredible.

  3. Awwww…. I was supposed to be visiting my girlfriend up there this weekend, but she got sick and I hear those autumn colours are just beginning!

    Awwww is right. I would have loved to have met you!

  4. Susan…I am so impressed with the “lyrical curve on the curve” photo. You created a beautifully flowing wall. The form, line and color schemes worked so well together. The plant selection from the texture and color selection made it seem as if the garden had been there for decades. superb job! Thanks! That is true landscape architectural design!
    Martin–That garden has been there for decades and not designed by me. It’s the Sarah Duke Gardens in Durham, NC

  5. wow- you’re photos are so much better than mine from there! it was great to meet you and hope you are recovering.

    I’m glad you think so–about the photos–I always think that I don’t have just the right ones to convey what I say and what I’m thinking

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