A quick stop at Chelsea…

Here are five previews of the Show Gardens at Chelsea that look interesting this year…more will come later this week when I’ve had a chance to digest all of the ideas that always surface.  Next year I’m going in person and I can’t wait!

The Cancer UK Research Garden– designed by Robert Myers

The Homebase Cornish Memories Garden–designed by Thomas Hoblyn

Laurent-Perrier Garden–designed by Luciano Giubbilei

The Principality of Monaco Garden–designed by Sarah Eberle

The Daily Telegraph Garden –designed by Cleve West






4 thoughts on “A quick stop at Chelsea…

  1. thanks for the preview. looking forward to seeing the small courtyard designed gardens. there is always so much wonderful inspiration at Chelsea. there really isn’t anything like it in regards to quality , size and uniqueness in the U.S.
    Agree totally. Decided yesterday to go next year…wanna?–s

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