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I had a wonderful day on Sunday in the company of people I’ve been Twittering with for almost two years.  Most of us had met before, but some of us had not.  We met at Margaret Roach’s beautiful garden for breakfast, a stroll and plenty of conversation.  After that we went in a caravan to Loomis Creek Nursery and then a few of us went to lunch.

I have gladfly syndrome in these situations–talking to this one and that one and the next one and then back again.  I also, as some found out first hand, I have a hard time concentrating on anything when there’s new eye candy…that’s the next shiny thing syndrome!

Here’s some pix from the day…mostly ideas for my own inspiration rather than a documentation of what happened.

Masterful foliage combination

Margaret writes eloquently and informatively about her garden and gardening on her blog A Way to Garden.  This was my favorite foliage combination–all simple and easy plants to find…just extraordinarily well used.

The Frog Pond
Tree spheres

After our garden stroll we caravaned over to Loomis Creek Nursery where there was more chatter and much shopping!  Even I bought something…

The Gang at Loomis Creek Nursery

At first I thought the serpentine wood wall below was stone…

A firewood wall

I’m a sucker for American 19th century architecture–this was the next shiny thing when a small group of us went to lunch in Hudson, NY.  I’d love to design a garden for this…wouldn’t you?

Hudson, NY Victorian

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5 thoughts on “A Twitterama

  1. Was so glad to finally meet you all.

    Funny you call this post Twitterama, because Bob Hyland (co-owner of Loomis) and I co-founded Plant-o-Rama at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden more than a decade ago for the Metro Hort Group professional association. Something like 1,000 people come to it every February still.

    So we are all about the -rama’s.

    I didn’t even think about that! Funny coincidence. Thanks for having us!

  2. How delightful. I enjoy A Way to Garden, too, and was sorely tempted when I heard about this tweetup. Instead, I had to put on my Realistic Hat and wait for Buffa10. Thanks for taking us there for a peek.

    I will see you in July then! Whoopeeeee!

  3. Cool blog and pics, and I’m SO JEALOUS of y’all! I love Margaret’s blog. (And yours!)

    I’m really into the spheres. I wish I could have brought home (or shipped home) one of the GIANT recycled teak spheres from Artefact. Because I have a one-story ranch house, it would have been an AWESOME “mess with the scale” sculptural piece in my garden. Maybe if I win the lottery. . .

    Why not make them yourself? You can you know…

  4. Susan,

    I wonder if we were actually in the same ‘Margaret’s garden’? I completely missed the spheres in the tree – probably too busy talking to someone as I strolled by. I think the fact we all have captured different aspects of Margaret’s garden is a testament to how many layers of interest the garden holds.

    There was a bit of sensory overload that day between the delight of touring Margaret’s garden, with Margaret as our guide, meeting everyone and also seeing new ‘stuff’ at Loomis Creek. I do remember walking over to talk to you at Loomis Creek and you had a funny far off look in your eye then you mumbled something about ‘must have that peony’. There was lots of ‘love at first’ sight going on that day!

    I realized I succumbed to the next shiny thing when I turned around and you were looking at the curley hazel…hmmm more love at first sight? It was great to meet you anyway!

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