A Year beyond Miss R…

When I become this inconsistent, something is going on.  What has it been?  Life and work. Yes, Miss R has been part of that mix, but 2014 has been an odd year. It’s been an awakening of sorts. I love to write, but there are things that are more important to me than that.  I’ve rediscovered my three happiest places –at the drawing board, indulging my gypsy feet, and my newest obsession, photography.

I made a yearlong commitment to be the President of APLD and I wrote some interesting (I hope) stories for Garden Design magazine. I organized a European Objects and Oranments tour for designers that will happen the end of January. I fulfilled a twenty year long dream of going to Morocco and along the way something had to give and Miss R was it.  Here’s a rear view mirror of the year…in pictures of course!

I suspect 2015 will be just as sporadic for Miss R as I’ve already made commitments for more travel to wander and to speak at various events (roughly in order)–to Paris, Brussels and Rome; to Detroit and San Francisco; to Toronto, Baltimore and Chicago; and finally back to Washington, DC. Phew!  If you are in any of those places and want to try and meet up, email me and I’ll do my best!  In the meantime, Happy New Year to you and yours!




6 thoughts on “A Year beyond Miss R…

  1. What a wonderful year you had and thanks for taking us along via essays and photographs.
    I hope we can spend a little time together when you are in San Francisco. Keep in touch.
    In friendship, Michelle

  2. So many places, and it beats my 2014 (no comment)! That Miami Beach courtyard planting is so simple and pleasing, just green and white, with one focal point palm.

    I’ll let you know if I go to Toronto (assuming you mean the blogger’s fling); still deciding, if it isn’t too late. I have family in far SW NY state, so that might be a fun trip. But at this point, I doubt such a trip.

  3. Too bad you won’t be closer to Minneapolis. Too bad I won’t be able to join you in Paris!

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