An Afternoon in Berkeley

I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon with two designers who have been a huge influence on me over the last ten years.  Michelle Derviss and David Feix were kind enough to take time out of their busy days to chauffeur me around Berkeley to visit some of David’s gardens.


Subtle color combination in a hellstrip via designer David Feix

I didn’t take many photos since David’s got thousands on his Flickr page (linked above) and I wanted to focus on our wide ranging conversation.  Sometimes it’s so much more important to pay attention to people instead of plants!

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2 Responses to An Afternoon in Berkeley

  1. “Sometimes it’s so much more important to pay attention to people instead of plants!”…I agree!

    It can be difficult when visiting a garden for the first time, I fear there is the expectation that if I’m there I’ll want to take pictures for my blog. But doing that takes away from my enjoyment of the garden, and the person who created it. If I don’t take pictures though will they feel I found their garden to not be “blog worthy?”…

  2. Susan aka Miss. R says:

    Lorene-I totally agree but sometimes panic a wee bit if I suspect I won’t get back to the garden for a long time…if ever!

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