Bamboo Bench

Right now, I think some of the most exciting design is coming from Dutch designers.  This bundled bamboo bench from Elena Goray and Christoph Tönges in collaboration with Conbam is a case in point.  Four straps hold it together without glue or other hardware-simple, elegant and sustainable.  The photos are from her website.

3 thoughts on “Bamboo Bench

  1. I think this is a great piece of sculpture, but a not so great bench. My first reaction was, cool!, it looks like a giant bee house (just as Cheryl noted). I loved the scale and the neutral color; in a bright color it would have almost a pop art feel. Then my practical side took over—it looks incredibly uncomfortable to sit on, and I can’t imagine the number of creatures that would find lovely homes there. So as a focal point, I like it. Just make sure there is plenty of other seating available, too!

    It sure has sparked some discussion…isn’t that what design should do…as for practicality…still not sure would have to try in person.

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