Beehive Structures

Wayward paths are a curious thing.  My post last week about dovecotes and a quick look at some things I had pinned led me down this particular road.  I’ve become totally intrigued with beehive shaped structures and thinking about how to adapt them in my garden design work.

Clochans, monastic cells in Ireland
Beehive structures
Shade and storage built by women in the Sudan
Syrian beehive structures
Earthen beehive houses in northern Syria

Beehive ovens called horno are tradtional in the Southwest United States and Mexico and were used by both Native Americans and settlers.  There are also traditional variations on that theme in Eastern Europe and South America.

Traditional adobe horno
Pizza oven via House Beautiful

As a side note, (and I realize the connection is random) I also find it interesting that many of these structures are in areas of the world that are in extreme political and social upheaval including Syria and Sudan. Ireland is in economic turmoil. Incidentally, and not shown here there are beehive dovecotes–pigeon houses actually–in Egypt.

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