Blogfest 2011–The Elle Decor Concept House

Earlier this week I attended Blogfest 2011 in New York with 120 design and lifestyle bloggers.  We attended to learn more about design, publishing, resources and each other.  I was the only landscape designer in the group and that’s why I went–it’s important for me as a designer to continually look beyond my own discipline and push and stretch those boundaries.

At the end of the first day, we were invited to the Elle Decor Modern Life Concept House.  I headed out to the terrace before anyone else to get some beauty shots.  I was able to get some photos and speak with Todd Nickey, the designer.  Nickey partnered with Restoration Hardware to create a long and narrow urban terrace.

Long view of the terrace

Part of the space was contemporary and featured Extremis furniture (which I’ve written about here before) and the rest was much more traditional.  It didn’t work as a unified space.  It was overcrowded and chock- a-block with stuff.  Try and have a party out there and the humans would be squeezed.   The scale and flow outdoors is different than inside–even on a terrace.  That’s why  landscape designers need to work together with interior designers and architects to create seamless and appropriate spaces for total residential living–inside and out.

Opposite view of the terrace

I did like the contrast of the contemporary planters with the wood table,  Irish moss (Sagina subulata) and Hens and Chicks (Sempervivum) are a combination I wouldn’t have thought of.  I also liked the shots of sunny yellow throughout which did help to unify the long view.

Contrast of texture and color

I  flipped for these wing chairs from Restoration Hardware.  They were whimsical and fun.  I hadn’t seen them yet in person yet…although I might be tempted to paint them if they were mine…

Wingback Chair

I’ll probably post some more ideas from this experience next week but for now I have to catch up on work with clients and projects that I missed…




2 thoughts on “Blogfest 2011–The Elle Decor Concept House

  1. Dear Susan, the sagina and hens and chicks look good yes-but sagina likes constantly moist sun-the hens and chicks like their sun desert dry. This is much more a “floral arrangement” than a container planting. Deborah
    Agreed. I’ve never grown the sagina, but have plenty of hens and chicks and know just how dry they like it.–s

  2. Dear Susan,
    Not visited for a long time and I guess you know the reason – no sign of a recession in the garden design world.
    I am not sure why I am visiting blog land today. Except that awake early and can’t yet work properly.
    I liked not a thing that I saw here pic wise, but that is a different taste and style thingie!
    I DID like your comments about pushing boundaries, the spacial problems here, the difference between inside and outside and the need for the two disciplines to work together!
    Well you certainly got the main point of the post…we do need to work together, outside is different and designers always need to push boundaries.–s

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