Bollywood and Vine

It’s hot, really hot and humid in New Jersey.  As a matter of fact it’s hot in most of the United States, so I went looking for some hot inspiration.

I want color, glamour and fun.  Where did I look to to escape from the heat?  Bollywood!

Bollywood film still


Aishwarya Rai - Bollywood's biggest star

I found inspiration for shade from The India Garden Company.



I found inspiration for shelter at the Raj Tents.

Maybe not exactly Bollywood, but I also found inspiration in Diwali lanterns–because it cools down after dark!

Some day I will actually get to go to India and see this for myself, but for now there’s Bollywood movies and some arm chair travel to inspire me.

4 thoughts on “Bollywood and Vine

  1. Drooling. Would really be great to go to India and be immersed in all these vibrant colours. They do speak to me.

    The color is what gets me first, then the metallics, then the food…not sure if I would love the smell…–s

  2. As usual, you are cracking me up. When are we going to India? First Buffalo, then . . . the world!~~Dee

    I’d love to go to India, and lots of other places too, but the pocketbook is empty…Buffalo was as exotic as I’m getting for a bit I think!–s

  3. I love that umbrella, but the tent/marquee things are a bit much for my garden. I’d love to go to India too. Too bad my husband has no interest.

    Maybe we could sneak away…to far for a long weekend though! LOL.–s

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