Busy Bee

I have been a busy bee trying to finish the show house garden this week.  Everything that can go wrong has…enjoy a post from this time last year–originally posted on May 5, 2009.  Miss R will be back next week.

Why Not Wisteria?

As beautiful and romantic as it is… Here’s why I never recommend it, plain and simple.

Wisteria escaped from a garden climbing a very large Picea abies on my block

There are wisteria vines choking out, shading foliage and pulling down garden structures in more places in New Jersey than I care to relate.

3 thoughts on “Busy Bee

  1. oh my…I have never seen that happen !! jeepers what is the climate in New Jersey?

    We have a true four season climate. Colder and hotter than the UK. The popular Chinese Wisteria will pull down just about any support it’s given as well as sprouting everywhere from its roots.

  2. Chinese wisteria is nasty stuff, but the American species is a great alternative.

    Phillip you are spot on. Once you have it you can’t get rid of it! Too bad the species isn’t more available and known at the retail level.

  3. Interesting. Never knew there was a Chinese Wisteria that was so destructive. Sounds pretty bad.
    Sorry to hear everything that can go wrong is going wrong.
    Wishes to you for better luck!

    Most of the wisteria offered in garden centers is the Chinese variety.

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