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A Tale of Two Garden Sphinxes

Imagine my surprise, while visiting Hillwood Museum and Gardens, when I saw this sphinx at the entrance to the formal gardens.  There are four of them.  I’ve seen them before, in bronze at Blairsden–the house that is also the location … Read more

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Garden Details: Stan Bitter Path Tiles

I’ll start by saying I don’t know much about this except that the image of these ceramic tiles for a  garden path has stuck with me for over a week.  I keep going back to it and still liking it … Read more

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Reeves-Reed Arboretum: 2013 Art in the Garden

This year they got it right.  The 2013 installment of Art in the Garden at Reeves-Reed Arboretum features the work of sculptor Tom Holmes.  The dozen or so works are placed throughout the gardens and to see them all is to also … Read more

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Art and Garden: Sarah Illenberger

I ran across these flower and plant images created by Sarah Illenberger last night. I was still thinking about them this morning.  When that happens, I don’t wait, I share. I think they are haunting and beautiful.

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Macato Murayama’s Technical Flower Drawings

I usually don’t get excited by flower art, but these digital works called ‘Inorganic Flora’  by Japanese artist,  Macato Murayama,  just blew me away. Murayama combines several types of digital technology and has been experimenting with flowers for a few … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…lawn chairs

Today my garden designer/blogger peers over at Garden Designers Roundtable along with the Lawn Reform Coalition will be discussing lawn alternatives.  Lawns are a hot button topic with many on both sides of the garden fence, so I thought I’d … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…an iron horse

Usually I don’t love this kind of 60’s sculpture, but I can envision this steel horse prancing in a meadow garden.  At over 4′ tall and 6′ long, I think it would be just fantastic, don’t you?   It’s from Dixon … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…Deck Chair

Okay, so this chair is an sold as an art piece created by infamous British artist Damien Hirst.  Other artists have created some too.  Although I think the originals could be really fun to have, they are also  something to … Read more

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Patrick Dougherty at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

I ducked out of  Plant-o-Rama yesterday after hearing Tony Advent’s presentation on worthy garden plants.  I couldn’t stay inside in the dark auditorium watching slides and listening.  I schmoozed with the exhibitors for a while, had a bite to eat … Read more

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2010 Top 5 Posts–Yours!

I’ve never done a “top”  list before.  I was interested in what everyone was here was reading so I took a look at the numbers.  As a landscape designer I’m interested in trends–self generated as well as user generated. The … Read more

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In My Reader…The Style Saloniste

In my reader this week is The Style Saloniste by well known interior design and architecture author Diane Dorrans Saeks.  As you’ve probably figured out by now, I read a wide range of things.  This week is all about passion.  … Read more

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In my Reader…Brent Comber

I have to admit that I’m a serial saver to Delicious.  If I’m short on time, ‘Save a new Bookmark’ gets clicked.  Since I’m busy, it gets clicked often.  Sometimes I forget I’ve bookmarked something that I really, really meant … Read more

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