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Garden Color Inspiration: Green

It might seem counterintuitive to add more green to a garden, but lately to my landscape designer’s eyes, green looks like it should, fresh and new.  (Go ahead, groan at that word use!) Two years ago, a version of green … Read more

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Garden Color Inspiration: White

I’ve written about neutral gardens and those inspired by the Belgian Beige movement and right now I’m into white. Maybe I’m attracted to it for external reasons-because summer is almost at an end and knowing the bit about white only … Read more

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Color: In the Pink

I’ve seen rumblings of an unexpected garden color trend.  We love pink flowers in our beds and borders, but not so much in other areas.  Maybe it’s just too gender charged, maybe it’s just too unexpected, but for whatever reason … Read more

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Design Inspiration: Black and White Stripes

I’ve become slightly obsessed with black and white stripes.  The bold and graphic quality combined with what can be a vibrating optical illusion is energetic and brash…two things that I always like anyway.  The really interesting thing about stripey black … Read more

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Retro Vibe: Aqua and Red(s)

Sometimes I see color combos that just stick in my mind.  Lately that’s been turquoise and red(s) that I want to try in my side garden when it’s newly renovated this spring. image via  Cellar_Door_Films   I’m not sure whether … Read more

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Here Comes the Sun…Yellow is Everywhere

Here comes some bright and sunny punch for gardens.  Yellow.  I started reporting seeing it on the Leaf FB page earlier in the spring, and now I see the idea developing into a full blown color trend. So here we … Read more

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Garden Color Inspiration: Black

A few years ago, when Paul Bonine’s book Black Plants was released everyone went gaga over the drama of black foliage and flowers, it’s taken a while for everything else to catch up. Black Plants Black has long been part of … Read more

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Monochrome Inspiration

I’m inspired by monochrome gardens? Yes, I am.  These gardens with their washed out almost colorless spaces are really appealing to me.  Maybe it’s my current mood, or the abundance of summer color outside, or a knee jerk reaction to … Read more

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A pair of orange planters…

Ever since Tangerine Tango was named 2012 color of the year, orange is just everywhere.  I figure it’s okay to add to that conversation…from a retro perspective.  Aren’t these fiberglass Danish 60s planters cool? Alas, they’re in London.  They’re at Sigmar … Read more

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Garden Color Inspiration: Navy Blue

It’s winter and so I’m thinking a lot about color.  Lately blue, specifically navy blue, looks fresh to me.  I’m thinking about how to incorporate it into a garden scheme–with paint and accessories since there are no true navy blue … Read more

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Color Inspiration: Mansion in May Designer Show House

I’ve been working on the Mansion in May designer showhouse concept.  I’ve titled the space The Voyager’s Lounge.  I have to have sketches in color done in about two weeks so in advance of that I developed the preliminary color … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…turquoise planters

This garden find is more about the color than the actual pieces.  I’ve written about this shade of Robin’s Egg Blue before.  It can be contemporary or vintage looking depending on the context.  It plays well with other colors without … Read more

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Garden Design Details: Painted Wood

Some inspiration to cure the January blahs.  With it so drab in the garden outside, I crave some color.  Paint is often the least expensive way to change any space and that includes those outside.  Creative and bold use of … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find…a bench I never thought I’d like

I usually don’t go for the cast iron benches so common in many gardens.  I find them fussy and uncomfortable–both in looks and reality.  Then I saw this and loved it.  It’s kind of like grandma gone wild–you know the … Read more

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In my Reader…Design Seeds

Just about now, in the middle of a very snowy and grey January I need a jolt of color.  For color trends and inspiration, Design Seeds is like no other. Fast, furious and beautifully curated, Jessica Colaluca creates ranges of … Read more

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Aspirational Garden Design

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal about who is buying luxury products was good news to me.  Aspirational buyers love their gardens as well as the interiors of their homes.  They hire designers.   That, in my way of … Read more

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2010 Top 5 Posts–Yours!

I’ve never done a “top”  list before.  I was interested in what everyone was here was reading so I took a look at the numbers.  As a landscape designer I’m interested in trends–self generated as well as user generated. The … Read more

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Fall as Spring Garden Inspiration

This fall has been particularly inspiring for its color.  It’s been a while since I did a post on color and this one is going to be a little bit different.  I want to try and use the fall foliage … Read more

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In my reader…Nude and blushing

This is the first in a series about what I read and how it influences my design work.  Posts will likely be link rich, so feel free to explore much of the same material and see if it inspires you … Read more

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Sunny | Solstice | Yellow

The solstice is on Sunday so  I’m celebrating with inspiration for sun colored gardens. Last year I honored it with images of the sun. Palette created on I find yellow to be the most difficult color to use outside … Read more

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Neutrality, Part 1

As the late fall of November turns into early winter, I am determined to find beauty and inspiration in the season’s neutral color palette.  Rather than trying to hold on to the lush landscapes of other seasons with evergreens I … Read more

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Maybe it was the high color of autumn sun kissed and back lit.  Or maybe it’s a reaction to all the hype black plants have been getting lately. Or maybe I was already thinking about it subliminally since I snapped  … Read more

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Robins Egg Blue

Every year, without fail, I find some small part of a robin’s egg.  I always pick it up and admire its unique blue-green hue.  This year, when I found a tiny piece of shell,  it got me thinking about using … Read more

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I started thinking about this when all of my white shrubs bloomed at once this spring. They are supposed to bloom in a kind of sequence. The absence of color was just as, if not more powerful, than a garden … Read more

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It’s right there in Black & White…

I have the opportunity to design a small black and white pocket garden. Tucked into a corner with between a screen porch and the house, the area is also home to multi-utility boxes including a low voltage transformer smack dab … Read more

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Inspiration and Influence -TV & Technicolor

A few weeks ago in a post titled Inspiration and Experience I wrote about my viewpoint as a designer as a unique culmination of life’s experiences. Writing that post has made me–probably temporarily–more acutely aware of what I look for … Read more

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