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Showhouse Season: Mansion in May 2017

When I first started blogging on a different platform in 2007, my subject was my designer show house garden in Rumson. Hardly anyone saw those posts or again in 2009. Now all these years and many designer show houses later I’ve … Read more

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Looking Forward by Looking Back

I spent the first grey working day of 2014 tromping through an old house and garden. Later this year, for the month of May, Blairsden, in Peapack, NJ will become a sparkling designer show house and gardens.  I was there to preview … Read more

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Departures and Debuts

May is (as they say) busting out all over and it’s not even really here yet. Today I’m travelling to Little Rock to visit P. Allen Smith’s real Garden Home. Photograph via  The New York Times Smith invited 20 bloggers … Read more

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Print and Pattern Choices: Mansion in May

I’m trying to nail down some of the details for the show house garden and I’ve narrowed my print/pattern choices down to what I think I want to use. I’ve also experimented with some combinations. These are the details that … Read more

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Color Inspiration: Mansion in May Designer Show House

I’ve been working on the Mansion in May designer showhouse concept.  I’ve titled the space The Voyager’s Lounge.  I have to have sketches in color done in about two weeks so in advance of that I developed the preliminary color … Read more

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A possible Win-Win…

I have my hand out here. Once again I’ve been asked to create a garden for ‘Mansions in May’,  a local designer show house that will benefit Morristown Memorial Hospital, specifically the Emergency Services Unit. I want to give back … Read more

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Show House Videos No. 1 and No. 3

It’s the beginning of designer showhouse season.  Designer previews for one that will take place in May 2010 are going on for those invited to submit their concepts for  a design space.  In the past I’ve kept an on-line journal … Read more

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#23– Four Days and Counting

The deadline for completion of the gardens is Thursday. Today, hopefully, the pool is being installed in the patio. This week has been so stressful because every hour I spend on this project is an hour that I’m not doing … Read more

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#14–Rock Star

The arch was finished today in anticipation of the ‘in progress’ press junket at the show house tomorrow. Many people were working today trying to get something done for the press to cover. We’ve been kind of on our own … Read more

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#13– Rock On

Dan Lupino started building the boulder arch today with Frank Scheppe’s crew. It’s a big statement and we wanted it done before the first press junket on Friday. Here’s some photos…more as things progress. Dan setting the first support stone–this … Read more

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#1–Showhouse Season

For the past month, in between winter design work, I’ve been preparing a show house garden. This biennial charity event, The Mansion in May, is a big deal in my neck of the woods and interior designers and landscape designers/architects … Read more

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