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Garden Travel: Back and Forth

Next week I’m travelling again. This time on a search for garden antiques and vintage in the markets in Paris and parts of Belgium. I am continuing on to Rome for a few days of play after that. For the … Read more

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March Magazine Madness

March has been particularly good to me and I’m tooting my own horn here.  As a hard core magazine lover, I’m thrilled to be featured in three this month!  This type of press coverage is not a common occurrence around … Read more

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First Year Snapshots

Yesterday on my way to somewhere else, I stopped at a garden I designed and installed last fall. The design mostly followed the footprint of a formal garden that had fallen into ruin–the concrete pond was there as was a … Read more

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Why Fit In?

I have never fit in. There have been times, like when I was in high school, where fitting in seemed important, so I tried. I still didn’t really fit in–there was always the nagging sensation that I wasn’t really being … Read more

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Spring’s Slow March

No pun intended in the title although after another dose of winter weather this week, those of us on the eastern seaboard might believe it. Photo by Johann Dreo,via Wikipedia Commons The coming of this spring’s season seems to be … Read more

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Inspiration and Experience

When I first started writing this blog, I was determined for it to be about three things: art, design and living a creative life. It’s that last item that ties the first two together and has given me the freedom … Read more

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Postcard Power!

Several days ago, two boxes, weighing 78 lbs were delivered to my studio doorstep. They weren’t holiday gifts–next spring’s postcards had arrived! The 2009 Postcard is a departure w/a white background and new tag line I have produced a postcard … Read more

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A Short Story…very short.

Last night is snowed a bit. This morning it misted. Before 6, it was warm when I went out to walk the dog. N0w, at almost 9, it’s colder. Here’s what happened. Lacecap on Ice

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