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Garden Visit: Filoli

My visit last week to one of the great American gardens, Filoli, in northern California, was a revelation in many ways.  I have wanted to visit since I first saw pictures of it years ago. The garden was designed in … Read more

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Graphic Recycled Garden Furniture

I am not a fan of the current trend that extols us to grab a shipping pallet or some cast off boards and use them to make something else.  Most of what results still looks like garbage.  Who cares if the … Read more

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Barrel Stave Garden Trellis

Before I start dashing around this morning I wanted to share this with you.  While in California two weeks ago with APLD, I visited Benzinger Family Winery in Sonoma.  They have an incredible biodynamic operation that among many other things includes an … Read more

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Guadeloupe, Gardens, and Prie Dieu

Have you ever visited a garden that as a whole didn’t speak to you but parts of it made you smile?  That happened to me last week.  A garden I visited incorporated an extensive and lively collection of Mexican folk … Read more

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Garden Designers’ Roundtable: Details make the Design

I’m a collector of details.  Often when visiting gardens, as I did in Northern California last week, it’s the details that stick in my mind’s eye.  I muse on how I’d use them in a garden design. Attention to the … Read more

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Postcard from Silicon Valley

I finally got to see two gardens that made my heart sing.  Both were what interior designers call ‘transitional’ design sitting comfortably between traditional and contemporary.  We landscape designers don’t label our work in that way.  What I will say that is … Read more

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Leaf’s Anniversary and Westward Ho!

Yesterday was a whirlwind of last minute edits, technical glitches and nail biting as we got the First Anniversary issue of Leaf out the virtual door.  It’s always that way. Today it’s all about getting myself out the door to … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find(s) and Westward Bound!

It’s always hard the week before a trip, and the week after, but the trips themselves are oh, so worth it!  I’m headed west at the end of the week (after we publish Leaf) to meet up with 150 or … Read more

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Just a big tease…

I’m so happy that I have taken some time beyond the meetings I attended to do some limited exploring of the Bay Area.  It will take me a while to digest all that I’ve seen and to muse on the … Read more

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Why Green? An Opinionated Viewpoint

This time last year I was getting ready to attend the 2007 Association of Professional Landscape Designers annual conference. Held in Southern California, the 10 day visit began a transformation about the way I think about landscape design–although it has … Read more

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