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Garden Visit: Filoli

My visit last week to one of the great American gardens, Filoli, in northern California, was a revelation in many ways.  I have wanted to visit since I first saw pictures of it years ago. The garden was designed in … Read more

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Graphic Recycled Garden Furniture

I am not a fan of the current trend that extols us to grab a shipping pallet or some cast off boards and use them to make something else.  Most of what results still looks like garbage.  Who cares if the … Read more

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Leaf’s Anniversary and Westward Ho!

Yesterday was a whirlwind of last minute edits, technical glitches and nail biting as we got the First Anniversary issue of Leaf out the virtual door.  It’s always that way. Today it’s all about getting myself out the door to … Read more

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Tuesday’s Find(s) and Westward Bound!

It’s always hard the week before a trip, and the week after, but the trips themselves are oh, so worth it!  I’m headed west at the end of the week (after we publish Leaf) to meet up with 150 or … Read more

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