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Showhouse Season: Mansion in May 2017

When I first started blogging on a different platform in 2007, my subject was my designer show house garden in Rumson. Hardly anyone saw those posts or again in 2009. Now all these years and many designer show houses later I’ve … Read more

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Re-Making an Old Garden for a New Family

Often my landscape design clients I ask me to insert some contemporary flavor into an existing landscape. These renovation projects are similar to interior updates in that the new has to dovetail seamlessly with the existing. This family had a … Read more

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Garden Design Details: Stone at Skylands

I hadn’t visited Skylands for about ten years, and never in the fall.  I went hoping to see the last of the fall foliage and instead found stonework that was interesting in its scope and full of ideas. Formerly an … Read more

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Garden Visits: Princeton

I visited gardens yesterday in Princeton, New Jersey. The tour was arranged by the New Jersey Landscape and Nursery Association (NJNLA) and featured four very different gardens by designer Bill Kucas. What struck me about these outdoor spaces was that … Read more

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Garden Visit: Greenwood Gardens

Greenwood Gardens, a Garden Conservancy preservation project, is also a public garden that has recently re-opened after several years of adaptive renovations. In Short Hills, NJ, it’s about ten minutes from my home office, so I have visited it often … Read more

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A Garden Unexpected…Field of Dreams Redeux

Foxgloves were blooming everywhere when I last visited what I call A Garden Unexpected in New Providence. I wasn’t just driving by this time, but deliberately went to see what was blooming in early summer.  What I found was no less … Read more

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The Abandoned and Contaminated Lot Up the Street

I live in a densely populated fairly urban-suburban area.  Houses, most built in the 1920s, are close together on 50′ x 100′ lots.  New York City is 25 miles east.  My street starts on our town’s Main Street.  There used … Read more

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Opiary: Garden Pots from Princeton

Last year, one of the few things I liked at the Kips Bay Showhouse was Robert Canon’s planters. This year I at ICFF I liked them even more.  When I saw them again this past weekend, these planters were in my … Read more

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Reeves-Reed Arboretum: 2013 Art in the Garden

This year they got it right.  The 2013 installment of Art in the Garden at Reeves-Reed Arboretum features the work of sculptor Tom Holmes.  The dozen or so works are placed throughout the gardens and to see them all is to also … Read more

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Field Trip: Leonard J. Buck Garden

Tens of thousands of years ago, a glacial lake drained leaving behind basalt outcroppings now known as Moggy Hollow in its wake.  Flash forward to the 1930s, when Leonard Buck planted them and established what would become a world class rock … Read more

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Mid-Winter Garden Design Project

I started blogging soon after I started creating conceptual gardens.  I wanted a way to describe the process as it was happening.  That grew into something else entirely and now Miss R has a life of her own… With that … Read more

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My New Jersey…not Reality TV

Well I finally, by mistake, saw five minutes of the MTV hit Jersey Shore. For much of my life, in three separate stints, I have lived in the Garden State by choice.  I am not of Italian descent, don’t call … Read more

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Local History

Sometimes when I just have to get away from the design studio.  I’ll take a few hours off and just go somewhere.  No mumbo jumbo, just a little bit of spontaneity in an increasingly less spontaneous life. Anyway last week … Read more

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Grounds for Sculpture

Last Sunday I met up with a group of my peers from APLDNJ for a summer social and private tour of Grounds for Sculpture.  I hadn’t been in a few years, so enough time had passed for me to see … Read more

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Garden Designer’s Bloglink: 5 Regional Ideas

Grab a snack…this might take a while… In December, as a guest on Garden Gossip, I extolled listeners to ‘celebrate their regions’  instead of trying to emulate a garden design style that is at odds with their specific location. That … Read more

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Inspiration and Influence: Craftsman Farms

As the brilliant fall foliage fades, I find myself thinking more and more about larger themes in the natural world and how they directly inform my own landscape design work.  Response to concerns about the health of our planet and … Read more

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My Garden State|The Meadowlands and the Hackensack River

This is a tale of human alteration of the natural world that is leaning towards having a happy ending.  Anyone who grew up, as I did, near the Hackensack River and the adjacent Meadowlands knows that even in our lifetimes, … Read more

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In the Garden with DigIt! Revisited

Remember when I spent the afternoon in the garden with Mary Jasch, the publisher and editor of DigIt! ?  Well, Mary, thank you. She’s written a really flattering article that shows both gardens to advantage.  One was an large, extensive … Read more

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My Garden State: Jersey Fresh

Other than a few herbs tucked into containers I don’t grow food.  Many of my gardening peers probably consider me a vegetable gardening heretic.  I  lament that the small family farms and roadside vegetable stands of my childhood have given … Read more

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My Garden State–Basking Ridge

Yesterday I stopped for a bit in the village of Basking Ridge. I went specifically to take pictures of the White Oak that has lived there for more than 600 years. Known as ‘The Old Oak’, this ancient tree has … Read more

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My Garden State–Jockey Hollow

The footpath to the Cross Estate Gardens in Jockey Hollow This lovely garden is about 20 minutes from my studio on the way here and there. It is on National Park Service land and is maintained by a staff of … Read more

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The Garden State–It’s Not What You Think

I have lived on both sides of this continent as well as on a completely different one. I have lived in New York and Los Angeles. There are still other places I dream of living–Italy for one. The fact is … Read more

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Big Garbage Day–A Backyard Observation

Big garbage day comes on the first Thursday of the month in my neighborhood. Regardless of my own history of incredible finds in other people’s cast offs, I have become more and more mystified by the paradox of some what … Read more

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