Circular Swimming Pools

I’m working on a landscape design that will incorporate a round pool.  I’ve been meaning to write about circular swimming pools for a while and have been collecting inspiration images on garden visits.  Round pools can stand on their own as a traditional pool or they can be integrated into the garden and ‘read’ as a pond rather than a pool.

Here are a few I’ve seen on garden visits in the past two years.

Round pool at Bamboo Brook

Designed and built in New Jersey in the early 20th century by one of the first women landscape architects, Martha Brookes Hutcheson, this was a swimming pool and part of a larger water harvesting system.  Since her property, Merchiston Farm has become a public park it has modified and is now only 12″ deep.

Midcentury solution - round swimming pool

Tucked into a corner, this round pool designed by Dallas landscape architect Susi Thompson is perfect for this mid-century modern home.

Robert Bellamy's home pool
Robert Bellamy - round pool for a client

Two pools by Dallas based landscape architect, Robert Bellamy.  The first at his home and the second a variation on a theme for a client.

The round 'fountain' pool

Renny Reynolds and Jack Staub’s  round ‘fountain’ at Hortulus Farm in Pennsylvania.  I didn’t realize it was a pool until I saw the steps into it…

Eliptical plunge pool

An eliptical variation on the round pool theme from David Hocker, a Dallas based landscape architect.

2 thoughts on “Circular Swimming Pools

  1. Back in the early 90’s I work with an elliptical pool. A big one too. Redid the interior , coping , tile band and surrounding patio , terraces, pool house , outdoor kitchen and grounds.
    It was for a Spanish Mediterranean. house. Cool architecture.
    I don’t think I have ever uploaded any pictures of it. It was done before I had my digital camera.
    Hmmm… wonder where those pictures are ?

    Would love to see pix!–s

  2. I like being able to read the water as a “pond” rather than a cement hole-in-the-ground, but doing laps might prove to be a challenge.

    Agreed, but laps aren’t the only reason to have a pool…-s

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