Twig Fence at Terrain

Colorful Willow Fencing

This going to be filed under Duh. Why didn’t I think of that?  I even have the makings for it in my own Chatham, NJ home garden.  Every spring I copice my redtwig dogwood and only sometimes use the twigs.  No longer.

Twig Fence at Terrain

 A plain, yet traditional and beautiful twig fence can be a thing of drama and add a pop of color.  I’ve seen dozens in person and hundreds of images of these fences and took the one above for reference. But, duh! but I never thought of using color beyond the basic grey and brown.  This would be incredible in the winter landscape!

Red Twig Fence

 Image via Gary John/Flickr and Pinterest

Need some instructions to build one yourself?


3 thoughts on “Colorful Willow Fencing

  1. Love the twig fences and would love to see more of them in my hometown. I know there’s a lot of them in China! I am going to try to convince the landscaping company I work for to start offering those because I think I could easily learn how to make them and find the materials locally. Thanks again. I am going to check out some other designs and styles, but I like yours the most so far!

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