Window Box

Contemporary Containers in an Old City

Off I went with a friend last week to points north. The midpoint stop of our journey was Quebec City.  Surrounded by stone ramparts with arched entry gates, the old city there is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and dates back to the early 1600s. It is also very much a living and breathing 21st part of the city with apartments, shops, restaurants, banks and tons of tourists. What surprised me were the contemporary containers.

Window Box
Chicken wire, painted branches, pots, willow plant supports and geraniums

Artistic and original, they were throughout the city as window boxes, freestanding freestanding bowls or wall mounts.

Window boxes
Connected and fluid…around a corner

Plants were combined with other materials from chicken wire, to painted bamboo poles to 1 x 1 boards nailed together in a wild cascade.

Vertical planting
A column planted and maintained by the city

Some were planted and maintained by the city (the container above was one of several) and others by businesses and residents.

Window decoration
Cascading pots over a restaurant window box
Window boxes
Red bamboo poles and geraniums on a hotel facade

There were many more than what I’ve shared here…another post may be in order once I’ve had a chance to unpack and digest all I saw.

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