Dallas, Part 1

I came to Dallas with few preconceived ideas.  I haven’t been here since 1978.  It’s changed a bit.  As I said last week, what I did expect was to be inspired by what I see and hear.  That’s happened already.  My first impressions are about the juxtaposition of materials in the gardens we’ve visited.  The attention to materials used in a pure way has blown me away.  Industrial with organic,  hard with soft,  fine with coarse are all part of the mix.

Equisetum, brick, aluminum, Buffalo grass, concrete
Stone, brick, stained glass, and wood
Tempered glass, aluminum, Buffalo grass, concrete
Bronze, mirrored glass, plants and brick
Pebbles, aggregate and smooth concrete
Soft turf and brick
Glass, stone, plants

There will be more on the gardens as soon as I have a chance to process everything and organize my thoughts.  It’s a whirlwind of input.

3 thoughts on “Dallas, Part 1

  1. Susan, it’s been quite a rassle coming to grips with the Mare’s Tail which was considered a nasty weed during my time in British Columbia. I swear, it’s everywhere. You leave a quarter inch piece of that from your weedings and, in 3 weeks, there’s a plant! But structurally, I can think of few developments which give a cooler upright line – or lines. I now use it in water features and near rock groupings like a favorite plant. Who knew constant rainfall was why it made itself so ubiquitous?

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