Departures and Debuts

May is (as they say) busting out all over and it’s not even really here yet.

Today I’m travelling to Little Rock to visit P. Allen Smith’s real Garden Home.

Garden designed by P. Allen Smith
Photograph via  The New York Times

Smith invited 20 bloggers to visit and see the farm, participate in workshops and generally be guests for what I expect will be genuine southern hospitality, great gardens and some cool product pitches.  It will also be great to see people that I don’t get to see often!

While I’m away, The Mansion in May opens and we’re ready…finally!  The house and gardens are absolutely spectacular…the best I’ve seen in the many years I’ve been privileged to participate.  This year I created a small rooftop terrace that is colorful, eclectic and fun.

The Voyager's Terrace

Please come and visit if you can, it’s open for the entire month of May and benefits the new hospice at Morristown Medical Center.

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