Desert Dreams

There’s a fantastic article in today’s New York Times about Arcosanti.  What’s that you ask?  In my mind, it is/was the first eco-concious city of the future.  In other’s it’s the mad idea of architectural genius Paolo Soleri.  Before there was Masdar City (a much more commercial development), there was Arcosanti and Soleri.

I’m not going to repeat what the article has to say, but instead will say that Soleri’s books and philosophy were highly influential on me as a designer–not so much the visual, but the ideas.   I hope I will get to visit one day…it’s been on the list for years!

The Vaults with a view to the desert beyond
The bells that are more famous than the place

View the slide show with images of making the bells here.

Photo Credits top to bottom:  Wikipedia Commons, Organic Nation

2 thoughts on “Desert Dreams

  1. My late father and I went up to Arcosanti one toasty spring day 15+ years ago, from my brother’s house in N Phx. We were extremely underwhelmed, but now with more experience in this field, perhaps I’ll see it with new eyes? Thanks for the link, I’l check it out.

  2. I almost forgot, before I read the links and NY Times article…Arcosanti is near 4000′ elevation, so the surrounding land will be reaching prime springtime starting in a few weeks, and into early or mid-May. If I drive next trip to Phx, I may spend more time there and nearby, in places I usually just drive past at 80 to get here in 6 hours.

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