Design Inspiration: Black and White Stripes

I’ve become slightly obsessed with black and white stripes.  The bold and graphic quality combined with what can be a vibrating optical illusion is energetic and brash…two things that I always like anyway.  The really interesting thing about stripey black and white is that it’s occurring simultaneously as a trend across disciplines. I’ve never used them in a design specifically, but would love to.

So here’s to stripes! (There are many more ideas here,,,)

image via Greige: Interior Design Ideas

 image via House of Hydrangeas

photo via Que Bueno es  Vivir!! 

via Traditional Home




2 thoughts on “Design Inspiration: Black and White Stripes

  1. I like your designers take on this black/white striping. Though more utilitarian and tactile, many of our new freeway onramps turn into dark and light concrete bands nearing the main 3-4 lanes, where we are supposed to merge, not just grade or sparse plants. I’ve been pondering that a while, and it appeals to me how I might apply it – though again, probably more tactile than aesthetic, given the consultant engineer’s and their engineering technocrats at NMDOT!

  2. You know, I often look at road striping and think that it would make an interesting point of departure for a landscape, so you’re not far off the ‘designers take’ mark!

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