Fashion in the Garden…Plaid!

The fashionista in me goes into full swing in late August.  The big fall magazines are released and I’m all in.  My work as a co-founder of Leaf magazine has made this annual ritual of mine have broader meaning, but that doesn’t mean I don’t focus on what I think is fun either.  So without delay, one of the single biggest trends for fall is Plaid…the resurgence of Red is a secondary story.  Most of the time they play well together.

Here’s how I interpret them from a garden-y perspective…

In the beginning there was the big outdoors where plaid has always been a player…

Flyfishing from a vintage issue of Life Magazine

Then there was the plaid we took to school that could easily go out in to the garden today.  Remember the ubiquitous plaid thermos?

Plaid lunch box

Now things have been slightly updated. The fall cover of Wool People magazine.

Cover of Wool People Magazine

But plaid is still plaid and can work while we work in the garden.  Pruners and plaid can play together…

Woolrich Acorn Hill Vest
Vintage Plaid Shirts from Urban Outfitters
Plaid Welllies

And just in case you have to pick up a call…

Plaid iPhone case from Abercrombie

And if you’re like me…you need your glasses to see who’s calling…

Vintage plaid eyeglass frames

So put on some plaid and head out into the cool morning and enjoy the coming fall!

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8 thoughts on “Fashion in the Garden…Plaid!

  1. Like that Woolrich vest, plus I have always had a soft spot for red buffalo check, like the woman in the painting is wearing. However, at 6:48 AM, it is currently 79F here. Plaid will have to wait.

  2. The wellies aren’t available on this side of the pond! Whaaa. They’re still lovely.

  3. Me too. I had a many a wool plaid item that has been worn past the point of no return. Cool weather is on it’s way!

  4. Plaid has always been my go to color when asked ‘what is your favorite color? .
    Like hello, do I look like I am still 5 years old ? Please someone get me an adult to speak to.
    – enjoyed your vignette of plaid accoutrements . Must get a pair of plaid glasses , those are too much fun.

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