Field Trip: Atlock Farm

I’ve known Atlock Farm and its owner Ken Selody for years.  We were comrades in arms at the New Jersey Flower and Garden show for several seasons where each time I created a display garden, I gave Ken the forced plants that I knew wouldn’t overwinter in my garage when the show was over.  What I haven’t done in much of that time is visit the farm.  It’s out of my loop unless I want something that only Ken has, and then I usually send an assistant to pick it up after a phone call.

Last Thursday, I participated in a garden photography workshop run by APLDNJ at Atlock.  Eight landscape designers met with photographer Rich Pomerantz and used the gardens, hoop houses and chickens as subjects for photos.  Here are some of mine.

Still life w/disco ball
Still life w/disco ball
Coleus in a crowd
Coleus Standards
Fall Border
Fall Border
Palais de poulet
Palais de poulet
Lonley Luytens
Lonely Luytens
Nursery at the end of the season
Season's End

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  1. How fun to take a workshop at a place like that. lovely photos! Rich spoke to the Ridgefield Garden club on photography a couple of months ago. (He was very well received.)

    Rich is a really good teacher, able to hone in on what is absolutely necessary. I picked up some great tips!

  2. Greenhouse interiors are always my favorite photos to view. Great shots. Thanks.

    In the winter, when it’s cold and depressing, a quick trip to a greenhouse is just the thing don’t you think?

  3. Lovely! It’s that time of year when greenhouses take on added importance again.

    I love the smell of a warm greenhouse. Verdant and earthy. My glasses fog over.

  4. Nice shots!

    Hey thanks! I’m learning that I really love to take pictures. Who knew?

  5. Gorgeous! Your photos are first rate. Love ‘sentry’.

    Like minds. That’s my fav also.

  6. Cool photos, Susan. I’ve reviewed a number of books on garden photography, but never seem to have time to devote to the finer points of the process! Alice

  7. Love the ‘Lonely Luytens’

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